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 The Digital Inclusion Forum


The Digital Inclusion Forum is a United States centric cooperative initiative of the Wireless Internet Institute, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and One Community aimed at providing a comprehensive resource portal to:

  • Aggregate knowledge from digital inclusion field experiences
  • Share digital inclusion experiences among policy-makers and field project leaders and
  • Become the premier resource and training center for Federal, State and Local government policy  makers, field project leaders and community advocates of digital inclusion initiatives seeking to foster pervasive digital literacy and skills in support of US competitiveness

This Forum specifically aims to bring together:

  •  State and local government elected officials taking a leadership role in fostering the deployment of a broadband infrastructure to bridge the digital divide
  • Institutional stakeholders including agency executives in charge of deploying applications fostering economic development, educational agencies, non-profits institutions, community technology centers and other community based technology project stakeholders
  • Technology providers and systems integrators
  • Infrastructure funding organizations
  • Policy makers and regulators

More information is available at the Home Page of the site at http://www.digitalinclusionforum.com



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