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 AccMonitor™ Integration Pack II for Microsoft® Content Management Server

Delivering Pervasive "Site Quality & Accessibility" to your organization

September 10, 2003


Concord, NH —September 10, 2003-HiSoftware, Inc., the leader in enterprise content quality management solutions, today announced the release of AccMonitor Integration Pack II for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. AccMonitor's Integration for Microsoft Content Management Server verifies that content is accessible, usable, searchable content that complies with global privacy, intellectual property, and custom organizational policies and guidelines from within Microsoft® Content Management Server. The Enterprise Integration allows for attended or unattended validation of one or many pages at once, integrating full database support.

AccMonitor Integration Pack II delivers clientless integration of HiSoftware’s industry-leading high performance accessibility and content quality solutions, into the MCMS 2002 Editing Environment. It provides Microsoft Content Management Server users with the ability to utilize “On Demand” verification of accessibility and content quality for Microsoft Content Management Server Channels, through the use of their Web browsers. Administrators enable their AccMonitor Server software to allow for client or plug-in independent testing, enabling them to do more enterprise planning and provide increased flexibility. AccMonitor Integration Pack II provides users with the ability to completely integrate Web content quality and accessibility testing into their daily workflow, without the requirement of deploying desktop solutions.

The Editor Integration, using ASP.Net, and other AccMonitor/AccVerify Objects provides Clientless validation of content, as it is being Edited, Submitted and or Reviewed for approval. This is accomplished directly from the MCMS 2002 Console. MCMS 2002 users can access the new validation facility from any standard Web browser, to immediately validate that pages comply with standards for Accessibility, Privacy, Usability, and Search, as well as Custom Organizational Content Quality Standards. The new integration pack supplements the previously existing notification process and the ability to create custom test for organization-specific content quality standards, all with no programming, customization, or development efforts required. These “out of the box” integrations enable AccVerify, AccMonitor and Content Management Server users to roll out these integrations with absolutely no additional development resources required, so that content quality and accessibility verification is seamlessly integrated into the development, deployment and delivery of the CMS-driven Web sites.

AccMonitor Integration Pack II will be ship on 9/10/2003. The Integration Pack requires installation of AccMonitor and requires the licensing of AccVerify (to use the clientless integration (ASP.NET)) as well.

HiSoftware’s verification, repair and monitoring software solutions provide a comprehensive interface for testing content against global standards for Accessibility, Privacy, Usability and Search. These solutions, available as desktop and automated server-based applications, empower quality assurance teams and content developers to create and manage Web content quality factors. They provide “out-of-the-box” testing and reporting for Accessibility, Privacy, Metadata and Usability standards. They also allow users to define and conduct custom tests. The final result is a complete and concise report on the total accessibility, quality and policy compliance status of content that has been tested. The software allows users to work collaboratively on reporting and repair and provides unsurpassed team services, workflow capabilities and a flexible, scalable enterprise monitoring system.


HiSoftware Company, the leader in enterprise content quality management solutions, provides innovative products that empower quality assurance teams, content developers, Web site architects, and company executives to work collaboratively on their efforts to create and manage corporate Web standards for Accessibility, Privacy, Searchability, Usability and custom guidelines and policies. HiSoftware’s integrated, full lifecycle solutions dramatically reduce the time required to test, manage and deploy e-business Web sites.

HiSoftware works closely with industry leaders and visionaries to provide solutions for today's information accessibility, content quality, search and retrieval needs. HiSoftware’s customers represent Fortune 500 companies, and many of the largest e-commerce, government, and educational sites in North America and around the world and include ChevronTexaco, Commerce One, Mercury Interactive, and Microsoft Government.

Founded in 1998, HiSoftware Company maintains North American corporate headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire. Further information about HiSoftware can be found online at www.hisoftware.com




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