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 HiSoftware Solutions Enable Accessibility Of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Content and Applications

Hi-Caption™ SE and AccRepair® provide groundbreaking software solutions that ensure the accessibility of Macromedia® Flash™ content and applications


Concord, NH — September 10, 2003 - HiSoftware, Inc. today announced the release of Hi-Caption SE and AccRepair for Macromedia Flash MX 2004. These solutions provide developers worldwide with the first comprehensive tools for managing captioning and the accessibility of their Flash projects, in complete conformance with standards mandated by Section 508 of the federal government's Rehabilitation Act, international accessibility guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and other applicable accessibility guidelines. These groundbreaking new solutions, available today from Macromedia and HiSoftware, are inspired by HiSoftware’s industry leading high-performance Accessibility and Content Quality Solutions. Hi-Caption SE and AccRepair use the new extensibility support in Macromedia Flash MX 2004 to provide testing, remediation, and closed captioning directly within the Flash authoring tool, marrying rich multimedia development and accessibility for the first time.

AccRepair for Flash MX 2004 makes it significantly easier for users to create rich multimedia Web experiences that are also accessible, allowing them to be used fully by the widest audience. AccRepair for Flash MX 2004 allows for fast and efficient testing and remediation of the accessibility of Flash content and applications. AccRepair steps users through several tests that allow them to validate that their content is accessible, providing a facility for developers to correct accessibility issues in an interactive manner. Through an interactive interface, developers can create content that conforms to recommended accessibility guidelines.

Accessible multimedia requires synchronized captioning for media files. Hi-Caption SE for Flash MX 2004 allows for fast and efficient caption creation, editing, and testing. The Hi-Caption SE XML file allows for the embedding of multiple languages, which can then be selected dynamically by the user who is viewing the captions. The Hi-Caption Viewer component for use with Macromedia Flash provides drag-and-drop integration with the Flash authoring environment. Developers can simply “drop on” the Hi-Caption Viewer component, set the properties, and then can provide closed captioned media to their site visitors. No scripting knowledge is required. This is useful for training, accessibility, multi-language delivery of content and more.

“Macromedia is committed to lowering the technical barriers to enable developers to create rich, engaging, and accessible experiences on the web," said Bob Regan, accessibility product manager, Macromedia. "HiSoftware’s integrated solutions empower Flash developers to create rich, accessible content from within the familiar Flash authoring environment through a simple-to-use, comprehensive interface."

“HiSoftware solutions Hi-Caption SE and AccRepair allow developers to create Flash content and applications that will be fully available to end-users regardless of technical or physical abilities,” according to Robert B. Yonaitis, CEO and President of HiSoftware Company. “Increasingly, developers are understanding the importance of accessible content design and delivery. HiSoftware’s new solutions for Flash make it possible for all users to achieve their goals for developing accessible Flash content and applications".

HiSoftware’s verification, repair and monitoring software solutions assist organizations in achieving and maintaining Web sites in compliance with organizational standards for accessibility, privacy, searchability, usability and custom quality factors. These solutions, available as client and automated server-based applications, help organizations develop long-term strategies to achieve Web content accessibility and quality. They allow multiple users to work collaboratively on Web site content testing-resulting in reductions in time and resources. HiSoftware’s solutions help organizations develop long-term strategies to achieve Web content accessibility, enhance usability, and comply with U.S. and international accessibility standards.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments mandates that federal agencies ensure that all electronic and information technologies purchased, maintained or developed meet the accessibility standards established by the U.S. Access Board. Although federally mandated, state governments and private organizations can also benefit by adhering to these standards, which enable access and usability by the widest possible audience.

Hi-Caption SE and AccRepair are available today from Macromedia and HiSoftware Company. They are priced at $99 each. The tools work with Macromedia Flash MX 2004. For more information on these solutions and ordering, visit http://www.hisoftware.com/macromedia/index.html.

HiSoftware Company, the leader in enterprise content quality management solutions, provides innovative products that empower quality assurance teams, content developers, Web site architects, and company executives to work collaboratively on their efforts to create and manage corporate Web standards for Accessibility, Privacy, Searchability, Usability and custom guidelines and policies. HiSoftware’s integrated, full lifecycle solutions dramatically reduce the time required to test, manage and deploy e-business Web sites.

HiSoftware works closely with industry leaders and visionaries to provide solutions for today's information accessibility, content quality, search and retrieval needs. HiSoftware’s customers represent Fortune 500 companies, and many of the largest e-commerce, government, and educational sites in North America and around the world and include ChevronTexaco, Commerce One, Mercury Interactive, and Microsoft Government.

Founded in 1998, HiSoftware Company maintains North American corporate headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire. Further information about HiSoftware can be found online at www.hisoftware.com






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