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  VIII Conference of the Ibero-American Seminar on Disability and
Accessibility in the Net (SIDAR)


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Information about past conferences is available at:


 - Buenos Aires will host an international meeting from November 24th to 26th

- The slogan for the conference is “Accessibility: For a web of quality”

- Knowledge to carry off barriers to accessing websites will be discussed.

The VIII Conference of the Ibero-American Seminar on Disability and Accessibility in the Net (SIDAR) is being organized for November 24th, 25th and 26th. With the slogan “Accessibility: For a web of quality”, will bring together the main experts and leaders of web development introducing the most recent knowledge and technologies in order to carry off barriers and increase the number of users or potential clients to websites.

Besides the interchange of knowledge and experiences, the conferences outline themselves as a meeting point among professionals and persons interested in accessibility regarding the Information Society, facilitating integration and personal contact.

General and specialized topics such as: tools, languages, guidelines, legislation and normative, techniques, design, contents, interactivity, utility and e-procurement solutions will be discussed. Definitively, the best methods for the accessibility integration and comprehension.

“To promote the accessibility in the Information Society is a challenge to those who work on web design, development and communication. It depends of it that Internet becomes a true door to the world, through which elder persons or those who have some kind of disability can also enter” said Emmanuelle Gutiérrez and Restrepo, SIDAR´s creator and coordinator.

Webmasters, pupils, teachers and university researchers, communication directors, designers and developers from companies and institutions; in addition to any person who needs to know the new resources and possibilities
the Internet allows regarding accessibility, are invited to participate on these VIII Conferences, which are free of charge.

The Conferences will take place from November 24th to November 26th in the National Technological University, Regional Faculty Buenos Aires

Facultad Regional Buenos Aires de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN), located in Medrano 951, Capital Federal, Argentina. Registrations can be filled through a web form at: http://www.sidar.org/acti/jorna/8jorna/  or
sending your personal information to: viiijornadas@sidar.org.

They are impelled by the SIDAR´s Special Commission of Argentinean Members and organized by the National Technological University, Regional Faculty Buenos Aires (UTN).

If you would like to know more about sponsorship, please contact:
Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo Fundación Sidar
Coordinadora del SIDAR www.sidar.org
Email: coordina@sidar.org
Tel.: +34 - 91 725 71 47





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