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 Joy Of Code

An Online Workshop Teaching People, One-On-One, How To Make Web Sites


Go from someone who wishes they could create web sites to someone who can in less than 12 weeks. Be taught by a veteran web design instructor, Bud Kraus, one on one in a completely online environment.

With each Lesson you'll be reading a Chapter and doing a Lab which you'll post to your Work Space for review by the instructor. During the workshop you can also do a web site project of your choosing under his watchful eye.

The workshop is accessible to people with disabilities.

Key Features

  • Enroll And Start Anytime
  • One On One Instruction
  • Do A Lesson Every Week Or When It's More Convenient.
  • Have Your Work Reviewed By The Workshop's Creator
  • Do Any Web Project Of Your Choice
  • No Risk 10 Day Money Back Guarantee

For additional information see the Home Page and:

Don't want to take the workshop? Then get Joy Of Code - The Book.(PDF format)

If you have any questions please contact the workshop's creator and instructor, Bud Kraus at bud@joyofcode.com or 973 235 1452.



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