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 Landmark College Offers Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities and AD/HD on The CollegeBound Network


June 1, 2005 -- Rising Results Inc., announces a new marketing partnership with Landmark College offering Associate of Arts degrees exclusively for students with learning disabilities and AD/HD. Rising Results publishing partner, The CollegeBound Network, operates sites reaching over 3 million students per academic year. Visit Landmark College on The CollegeBound Network at http://www.collegebound.net/college/landmark-college/index.htm

Landmark College offers Associate of Arts degree programs in General Studies and in Business Studies. Both of these 60 credit programs are designed exclusively for students with a learning disability or AD/HD. Landmark College students do far more than take classes to earn college credit. The entire curriculum - including student development and academic advisement - is based on a comprehensive framework of goals and learning outcomes. As students learn a subject, they also focus on understanding themselves as learners and on developing effective learning strategies that work for them and can be applied throughout their lives. Landmark College is the direct result of a singular vision — that of Dr. Charles Drake. This vision — to provide students with dyslexia, AD/HD, and other learning disabilities with a liberal arts college education that also addresses and transforms those disabilities into learning assets — has been the guiding light for Landmark College's presidents, faculty, and staff throughout the years. Landmark College is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

The CollegeBound Network works in partnership with America’s colleges and universities and leading educational companies to help students achieve their academic and lifestyle goals. In addition to engaging a loyal readership and growing base of advertisers, The CollegeBound Network has established itself as one of America’s most trusted brands in the education industry.

Rising Results Inc. is an internet marketing agency specializing in promotional services, improving recruitment and enrollment for higher education, career, and proprietary training Clients. Rising Results Inc is based in Staten Island, NY.

 Visit Landmark College on The CollegeBound Network at http://www.collegebound.net/college/landmark-college/index.htm



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