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The Story of Lindavevision; a Web Site with Products for People with Low Vision



Hello Folks I am Harold Blethen, a young senior who has Macular Degeneration. I have had it for more than 35 years and cope with it every day, I said cope because one never gets used to it.  Life can be difficult when traveling between airports, when you can not read the ticket or departure gate number. I use a monocular its good as it can get you to board first. My macular degeneration is in both eyes, which declares me Legally Blind. I have adjusted to being  unable to read without the help of my electronic reader the Primer. I get around, belong to a service club and own the Lindavevision internet store.

 Lindavevision came about because I could no longer read. My brother and I were visiting San Francisco and came upon a low vision store way out in the Avenues. I checked out all their products and purchased a magnifying glass. As we were about to leave  we saw a electronic mouse attached to a television. I was told it was a reader and the larger the TV  the larger the reading letters.   I sat down and tried it - and I bought it.  The rest is history, I am in business.  I took my Primer home to Arizona. It works so easy with my TV, my sister was even impressed.   I researched the manufacture and figured if the Prime works for me  it surely can help others to also read again.

I became a distributor of the Primer and as many good products as I could locate. My artist sister helped me create a brochure. I placed my first ad in the Good Sam magazine and sold my first unit to an 83 year young lady in Canada . She purchased every product I carried, God bless her. I sold by word of mouth for the next three years, and through   Optometrist, health fairs and service clubs. Its rewarding when the Client says: Wow- I can read again. I learned that serious, vision destroying eye disease can attack at any age. There are millions of us who are afflicted with the gradual onset of blindness or near blindness, including many children. My main compensation is not the marginal profit, but the satisfaction I receive by marketing these products as inexpensively as possible, as most seniors are on a set income.

 I just opened the Internet store in March of this year. We did not reinvent a new wheel. We simply searched available products to offer from one place. When possible we are cutting the prices. We are getting great reviews. We hope you will check us out, and let us help if we can. Mention us to a friend or loved one with vision problems. We are constantly researching any new products and the most recent scientific breakthroughs.

Check our website and contact us -   lindavevision.com 


10% of my profit goes to charity to educate the public on Preventing Blindness

Buy from Lindave Vision and help with this cause.


Harold Blethen    harold@lindavevision.com




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