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 AMS Vans Proudly Announces Their New Multi-Purpose Vehicle for Commercial and Personal Use!


January 2008

A palpable excitement is in the air at AMS Vans, with everyone abuzz about the newest addition to their handicap-accessible vans product line. A leader in the industry for many years, with a solid history of providing reliable and affordable converted vans to customers all over the world, AMS has just introduced a rear entry channel van to offer yet another option for their customer base to consider when choosing the best modified vehicle for their own, specific needs.

"We've been selling our side and rear entry conversion vans for a very long time and have enjoyed seeing so many lives enriched by what we do," said Kip Crum, owner of AMS Vans, Inc. "We realized that there was a specific niche that was missing out on the opportunity to enjoy mobility freedom, simply because the two existing versions of our product didn't meet their need in an exact way. They asked for something different, and we began the diligent task of coming up with that new solution. We couldn't be more pleased with the results!"

Just released this year, the new channel van will round out the array of products available through AMS, so that there's now a conversion to fit every scenario and budget. Already, these are becoming a popular and fast-selling item, with customers forming a waiting list just to own one. "We are selling them faster than we can build them," reports Crum, "but the customers are willing to wait. Frankly, we've been surprised with the volume of requests for the channel van since it was made available on our web site, and we anticipate it rivaling our side entry as a best-seller, based on what we've seen, so far."

The channel van will be perfect for uses such as taxi services, airport shuttle companies, commercial transporters of all kinds who offer services to clients in need of regular doctor and therapy visits, extended care facilities, and more. Families who require that the chair or scooter to be in the rear section, with plenty of additional seating up front, are going to be the right candidate for this new model, as well. With two front seats, plus a full size middle bench in place, this option will allow for maximum seating capacity. The rear section is modified with a lowered floor and folding ramp. It provides ample room with its 56" door opening, plus a generous area of 65.5" long and 31" wide, in which a wheelchair, scooter or even a Segway can be secured quickly and easily.

Fully ADA compliant, the channel van exceeded all safety standards when put through the battery of crash testing that all AMS conversions undergo, prior to being approved for consumer use. With the safety of their products being at the forefront of their mission, the research and development process is extensive. "We've eagerly anticipated the release of our newest conversion for quite awhile now, but wanted to make sure that every safety requirement was met to ensure that this product would be a smart long-term investment for any family or business in need of this sort of transportation," says Diana Conte, VP of Business Development. "While we probably could have released it sooner, we went above and beyond in our research and testing because quality and reliability matter. Our name has been in this industry for a long, long time and that's because we pay great attention to every small detail and make products that we can be proud of."

AMS Vans, Inc. is located in Norcross, GA, just North of Atlanta, and sells and delivers its products all across the country, from coast to coast. They have an extensive web site that is a wealth of information for anyone in the market for a handicap-accessible vehicle, as well as trained, professional mobility consultants on hand from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to assist customers who are shopping for a new van. As they continue to offer a wider array of products in this marketplace, they anticipate expanding their family of AMS van owners exponentially over the next months and years, as they have done since 1979. "We're here for the long haul. Our customers can count on that," assures Conte.

For more information, contact AMS Vans, Inc. at (800) 775-VANS.



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