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News Release

April 28, 2008

Much Needed Prescription Assistance Available!

Financial Burdens Eased by Prescription Hope for Those Who Battle Chronic Illnesses

Columbus, Ohio, April 28, 2008, Prescription Hope -- The physical burdens of someone battling a chronic illness, such as cancer, are only "the tip of the iceberg" of concern. With low income and the uninsured there is much more of a problem lurking beneath the surface of the water than just physical burdens when dealing with a chronic illness.

Financial devastation is a common thread among those who battle long-term illness. This leaves a patient having to make some very critical choices. How does one treat the illness if the medication prescribed is not attainable due to prohibitive financial costs? Low income families and uninsured individuals nationally now have access to over 1,500 brand-name medications for only $7 per prescription per month with delivery to their home or doctors office. No other medication fees, No application fees, and No other hidden costs.

Prescription Hope is offering this new prescription assistance service to those who qualify. It excludes those with Medicaid or those that have prescription coverage, according to Doug Pierce, founder of the company. See http://www.prescriptionhope.com

Patients receive their medications in a three-month supply directly from the pharmaceutical companies, approximately three to six weeks from the application date. For added convenience, the program ensures the patient's next three-month supply arrives on time. Included are commonly prescribed medications for arthritis, allergies, asthma, cancer, hypertension, and depression.

Other prescription assistance programs have application fees, charge high monthly service fees, and place the burden of the lengthy and confusing process, (that require about four to five hours of paperwork a month) on to the applicant and their doctor.

"We are the largest organization that provides such a service to our less fortunate citizens. Once a person contacts Prescription Hope, our enrollment counselors take over. Our enrollment counselors will obtain from the individual and their doctor all necessary information to determine eligibility. This includes obtaining financial information, medical information from the attending physicians, then submit the data to the pharmaceutical manufacturers for approval. If not approved, our enrollment counselors will advocate on behalf of the patient to get what we feel the patient deserves, their medication," said Pierce.

“Dear Prescription Hope, I'm truly grateful for your help with my 8 medications. I've been wasting away for over a year without any kind of financial assistance. I was denied SSI benefits twice now over a span of 2 years. I was really beginning to give up. After working since I was 15, I felt like I was tossed aside. My illness is dehumanizing, at the very least, so I vowed to help others in any way  possible. I just received all my prescriptions last week thanks to Prescription Hope, talk about timing.

Thanks for all you have done, I can keep my dignity and move on with life. Brightest Blessings, Elizabeth, Columbus, Ohio ”

Eligible applicants cannot be covered by Medicaid, cannot have any prescription coverage, or earn more than $20,800 for individuals or $31,000 for couples annually. To apply call toll-free 877-296-

HOPE (4673), or go to http://www.prescriptionhope.com  to learn more about the program.




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