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Prescription Hope

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Program Offers Simple Alternate to Medicare’s Paper Maze

 The Medicare Part D drug-discount program that has been available for the last several years is a good thing. But it’s so confusing, expensive and the prescription formularies are shrinking each year, I am wondering if people with disabilities know there is another option?

Prescription Hope has been in existence now for over 8 years. The program is available that could literally benefit millions of Americans who go without medications simply because they cannot afford them. Prescription Hope is a national company with one goal in mind, “help those get the medication they need at a price they can afford”. The program has helped thousands of people with disabilities and those who have no insurance or Medicaid coverage.

About 80 pharmaceutical companies have charitable giveaways----virtual buckets of drugs that are available without charge to qualified patient who use maintenance medications. These programs have been around since 1995. Not many people know they exist, and if they do, the paperwork to get the medication is just too much for most people to handle.

About 1,300 brand-name medications are available through these charitable programs including commonly prescribed medications for arthritis, allergies, asthma, hypertension, depression and a host of other psychiatric medication. What Prescription Hope has done is take an intimidating labyrinth of paperwork and reduce it to a single manageable application process. Many organizations and individuals themselves who find out about these programs try and do the paper work themselves by spending about eight hours filling out tedious forms for each medication. Then every 90 days the renewal process begins.

Prescription Hope has developed a system over 8 years to reduce the process for the patient and the renewal process is automatic.

Individuals whose incomes are $20,800 or less per year as a single individual, or $31,000 or less as a couple, who is uninsured or disabled are eligible. There are no age restrictions. Participants pay only $7 per prescription per month, no application fees, and no other hidden costs. The prescriptions are delivered to physicians’ offices, or to the patient’s home in a three month supply.

If you need medication to be physically or mentally able to work, but you can’t afford the medications, a program like Prescription Hope can make the difference between keeping and losing a job. For those who are unable to work, this program could eliminate having to choose between medicine and groceries. There are 42 million Americans who could use this program, the need is great and the time is now.


For information and an application call 877-296 HOPE (4673)
or visit www.prescriptionhope.com



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