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 Real Estate UD


Real Estate UD is a new national internet-based company that specializes in advertising universal design homes and accessible homes for sale. We offer a new approach to traditional real estate advertising. For more information, visit us on the internet at www.realestateud.com.

What does Real Estate UD offer?

National Search Engine
If you are in the market to buy a home, search our national database of universal design homes and accessible homes for sale. Searching the database is free.

Visitor-Friendly Web Site
All ads on the Real Estate UD web site are accessible. Accessibility translates into a visitor-friendly web site and an excellent opportunity to expand your advertising audience.

National Advertising
For the seller of a home, Real Estate UD offers national advertising. Why not be where everyone is looking for homes today and that happens to be on the internet.

Feature-Rich Ads
Real Estate UD offers each seller the opportunity to create a custom ad for their home using our extensive list of universal design features. This is where we offer a distinct advantage over traditional real estate advertising.

Products & Services Advertising
Perhaps you are interested in staying in your home and would rather remodel than move to a new home. Search our national database of vendors for a remodelor in your area.

Article on Universal Design

The following is an excellent article on real estate and Universal Design featureing Jan Morgavan.  http://www.realestateud.com/docs/UDArticle061006.pdf

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Contact Information

Jan Morgavan, President
Office: 919.934.2533
Email: info@realestateud.com
URL: www.realestateud.com



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