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RediAuto Sport Introduces the Soft Touch™ System
To Put Disabled Drivers Back in Control




Media Contact:
Veronica Verve
Phone: 310.395.2883
E-mail:  veronica@rediautosport.com

RediAuto Sport Introduces the Soft Touch™ System

To Put Disabled Drivers Back in Control

 Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 13, 2006  - RediAuto Sport, America’s only supplier of sports cars for disabled drivers, announces its new model of competitively priced hand controls, the Soft Touch™ Gas & Brake system.   

“RediAuto Sport offers the United States mobility market exciting choices where there were none before, so that the mobility challenged are no longer limited to driving boring sedans or vans” states Daniel Reyes, CEO of Go technologies!   

This ground-breaking technology means that the mobility challenged can now actively participate in driving their own high performance vehicles  

Mounted out of the way on the right side of the driver’s seat, the innovative hand control system allows unimpeded access in and out of vehicles.  The self contained arrangement provides state of the art fingertip acceleration - a move of the finger puts the car in motion while gently pushing the leather-covered brake with the palm of the right hand stops or slows the vehicle.   

Soft Touch™ is manufactured in Italy by Guido Simplex and imported by RediAuto Sport.  For over fifty years Guido Simplex has been the premiere mobility manufacturer in Europe and endorsed by the world’s top drivers like  Formula 1 racecar driver Alex Zanardi, who turned to Guido Simplex for vehicle modifications to put him “back in the driver’s seat” after a racing accident caused the amputation of both legs above the knee.  

For a limited time customers receive a free iPod Shuffle with a purchase of RediAuto Sport’s Soft Touch™ Gas & Brake system.


For more information go to: www.rediautosport.com  or    call 1.888.651.8378


Picture of Sof Touch System in the Sports Car



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