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A Survivor of Near Fatal Stroke Offers Motivation and Hope to Millions


Pennsville, NJ - May 28, 2008 - Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the number one cause of adult disability in the United States. For survivors and their loved ones, it is a life-altering event. Ron Gardner, a survivor of a severe stroke, understands what it feels like to have his life changed forever. He has made it his personal mission to better the lives of the more than five million survivors with his new book, Take Brave Steps For Stroke Survivors and Families: A message of Motivation and Hope.   

The book illustrates how motivation can meet inspiration. Gardner hopes it will lead readers from “bitter to better.” Ron shares his heart-felt personal tragedies and triumphs over stroke survival and guides readers and loved ones through the complex maze of stroke recovery with his self-reflections, tips, and other informative tools. Because families are adversely impacted by stroke in many ways that are difficult to manage and understand, he also introduces his wife Patti and daughter Molly to share how the stroke changed their lives and to tell how to prepare families and loved ones for the significant challenges that are about to unfold.

There are more than 780,000 new strokes each year. Many are preventable. According to Gardner, contributing factors to his stroke were unchecked stress and high blood pressure after more than twenty years in the corporate business world. Gardner urges everyone not to think this only happens to the “other guy.” Now a motivational speaker and trainer, he intends to use his book and its powerful testimony to encourage fellow corporate executives to make healthy lifestyle changes before they become the “other guy,” as he did.



If you would like to schedule an interview with Ron, please call 856-935-9316 or e-mail ron@takebravesteps.com.