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 Andy Leaf and the Seed Business Network


Are you disabled and want to start your own business? Well Andy Leaf and Seed Business Network ( http://www.seedbiznet.org/index.htm ) may be the just what you are looking for!

Andy and his associates started his current project, Seed Business Network ( http://www.seedbiznet.org/index.htm  ) just about a year ago. The goal of the project is to provide integrated business, employment and consulting services for people with disabilities.

Before that, he was one of the cofounders of the Seed Institute (see article in "Why Aren't You Your Own Boss?" by Edwards with Economy, Prima Publishing, March 03) along with Julie Damon. They helped people with disabilities who wanted to start their own businesses.

If you go to the current web site, which has been up since October, you will find a wonderful collection of resources having to do with business coaching, employment and other disability issues. Andy and his supporters are taking an approach that covers a wide variety of topics that will help people with disabilities to either start their own business or successfully find employment. They offer coaching to those who want it as well as a terrific newsletter!

Even if you are not interested in starting your own business, the site is a terrific resource. At the very least subscribing to the newsletter is a terrific idea. If you would like to make a donation to help others, you can by going to: http://www.seedbiznet.org/donate.htm

Kudos to Andy and his organization for providing much needed coaching in the area of entrepreneurship for people with disabilities and providing a terrific set of resources and services.

Written by Mike Burks
December 31, 2004



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