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 Equal Access Through Style Sheets


Learn how easily equal access to your website can be achieved through the use of advanced style sheet techniques. In this online course you will learn from an industry professional how to create style sheets that invite adaptive devices like Braille Readers, Audio software and hardware and pages designed for foreign speaking visitors. You will be provided instruction on how to create them throughout the course.

Avoid being confused by new rules and regulations. This course will cut through the legal jargon and give you the simple facts. You will also learn many advanced skills to help you maximize your site for all visitors. You’ ll understand how to create printable pages and the simple code shortcuts that can save you hours of coding time.

To see what school is carrying the course in your area, go to:

"This is a terrific course.  I took it and learned an enormous amount about the use of style sheets and how to use them to help make a site more accessible.  If you are serious about web accessibility or just want to learn about style sheets this course is highly reccomended."

- Mike Burks



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