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FreedomBox and EVAS working together to make the Internet more accessible


August 12, 2003


Media Contact: Bob Veitch
Sales Contact: (877) 661-3785 USA and Canada

Serotek Corporation

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Serotek Corporation announced today an agreement with EVAS (Electronic Vision Access Solutions) to incorporate FreedomBox Software on every DELL computer system sold by the industry-leading provider of integrated accessible systems, for people with disabilities. EVAS is Dell Computer Corporation’s only authorized value-added reseller, dedicated solely to providing Plug & Play computer systems specifically designed for people who are visually, physically, hearing or learning disabled.

Mike Calvo, CEO of Serotek Corporation and Gerald (Jerry) Swerdlick, founder and CEO of EVAS, made the joint announcement today. “This is an important step,” said Calvo. “Now every user who buys a Dell System from EVAS will have, on the desktop, a button that allows instant connection to the FreedomBox Network. We’ll provide the user with full access to the FreedomBox’s Flexible User Interface and a trial membership in the FreedomBox Network. If they like it, they can join our growing community of users who are not only enjoying the best of the Internet, with virtually no hassles, but are also making their voice heard as a consumer group and a political constituency worthy of attention.”

“We like FreedomBox and we like what Mike Calvo is doing,” said Jerry Swerdlick. “One of our critical missions is to search out, evaluate, and integrate innovative access technology so that we can provide our customers with leading-edge solutions that help them enjoy independence – wherever that takes them – employment, education, or improved quality of life. We teamed with Dell to make the Dell platform our foundation for Plug & Play Computer Solutions. We think FreedomBox adds an important dimension – one that our users are really going to like.”

Serotek Corporation developed FreedomBox™, with its patent-pending Flexible User Interface (FUI)™ a universal access methodology, to make the Internet accessible to persons who, in the past, have been disenfranchised by the limitations of computer technology. The FUI allows users full command and control of the Internet using any combination of voice, video, keyboard, mouse, IST switch (infrared/sound/touch) and/or other input/output device that best serves the member’s particular access needs.

Serotek also operates the FreedomBox Network -- the world’s most accessible Web portal, providing information, entertainment, e-mail, chat, shopping and more. FreedomBox Network has assembled the world’s most complete content offering focused on the needs of the blind and disabled community and providing them a voice in important political, social, and economic issues. FreedomBox Network gives members a chance to speak out to each other, and to the world at large. “When we speak with one voice,” says Mike Calvo, Serotek’s CEO, “people, business, and government listen.”

EVAS, located in Westerly, Rhode Island, has been providing computer access solutions for people who are visually, physically, hearing, or learning disabled since 1979. Founder and CEO Jerry Swerdlick’s mission is to assist people with disabilities by providing the tools that open opportunities to education, employment, and an improved quality of life. To that end, EVAS forged a pioneering relationship with Dell Computer Corporation to provide integrated, accessible Plug & Play Computers – the EVAS/Dell Xtra Series Systems, are based on Dell’s Optiplex™ and Precision™ Desktop PCs and Latitude™ Notebooks. EVAS provides over 1000 access technology products including; screen readers, large print software, reading systems, literacy solutions and more. “We feel the addition of FreedomBox will make using our systems more productive and enjoyable for our customers”, said Swerdlick.

About Serotek Corporation

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Serotek Corporation designs, develops and operates Internet-access technologies and services that unlock the power and potential of the Internet for people who have been disenfranchised by technologies that do not accommodate their special needs. For more information about Serotek, FreedomBox, the FreedomBox Network and the Key to Freedom, visit our Web site at www.freedombox.info or call our toll free number, 1-877-661-3785.

About EVAS

Headquartered in Westerly, Rhode Island, EVAS designs and integrates accessible computer solutions, offering a wide range of DELL computers and access technology products to users throughout the country. EVAS is an authorized DELL Value-Added Reseller (the only DELL VAR dedicated to the Access Technology marketplace). You can learn more about EVAS by visiting their Web site at www.evas.com or by calling 800-USA-EVAS or 800-872-3827. You can reach them by e-mail at contact@evas.com  or by mail at; EVAS, 39 Canal Street, Post Office Box 371, Westerly, RI 02891.



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