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The Infobility Report


Infobility is a new and unique program developed by a woman with a disability who became frustrated by the gap in services. If people do not fall into certain categories designated by the system, they risk just falling through the proverbial cracks. This program sees the person as the expert and has no boundaries of disability or issue.

For people who have disabilities, Infobility will…

  • help you with employment issues and improve skills.

  • share insights on problems and connect you with others.

  • work with you on advocacy individually and in groups.

For people who do not have disabilities- Infobility will…

  • offer written literature on a variety of disability topics.

  • offer a unit on disability awareness for school students.

  • present an awareness program “ADA Day” on July 26th .

Infobilty promotes working together across specific disability types in order to help each other because there is a power in numbers. We believe that changes can be made. For more information visit www.infobility.net  or tell me your story swheels@verizon.net Please let others know about this project. Don’t let your handicap handicap you!


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