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Below are recently announced items and articles that relate to disability issues.  They cover a variety of issues including general disability subjects as well as those dealing with issues related to ATM and retail issues affecting blind and visually impaired customers, as well as web accessibility issues, assistive technology issues, and most any other subject related to disability that reaches the news media.


The date on the item is the date it was poster or received, not the date the item occurred.  For older news items, please visit the News Archive



Choice Magazine Listening 10/16/10

Passage of the 21st Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act of 2010 9/30/10

Help with a donation to the Hunterdon County ARC 8/15/10

Accessible Android E-Mail and Barcode Reader Available 7/06/10

New Regulations on PTSD Claims for VA Compensation 7/17/10

Reading Rights Coalition Joint Statement on Access to Books by Americans with Print Disabilities - 3/20/10



Atlanta to Host International Conference on AD/HD - 11/24/2009

Twenty-Six Charged in Nationwide Scheme to Defraud the FCC’s Video Relay Service Program - 11/24/09

CVS Accessible Web Site and Point of Sale Press Release - 8/5/09

National Federation of the Blind and Blind Business Owner File Complaint with Small Business Administration - 7/25/09

Shoot For The Future - 7/23/09

National Federation of the Blind and American Council of the Blind File Discrimination Suit Against Arizona State University - 7/07/09

Symptoms of Mesothelioma - 5/04/09

Step-Hear Provides a Lifeline for the Visually Impaired - 5/04/09


An Exciting New Social Networking Site for Wheel Chair Users in the United Kingdom - 5/03/09

AmeriGlide, a Company Devoted to the Independence of those with Mobility Impairments - 5/02/09

The Story of Lindavevision; a Web Site with Products for People with Low Vision - 4/30/09

Common Reasons Disability Insurance Claims are Denied in Canada - 4/30/09

Lindavevision Press Release - 4/29/09

Staples agrees to web access / tactile point of sale device - 4/26/09

How to Get the SSA Job That's Right for You - 4/26/09

Staples agrees to web access / tactile point of sale devices - 4/26/09

ehousestudio interviews Cynthia Waddell for its Blog - 3/25/09

Save thousands of Dollars on the purchase of your next Speech Generation Device (SGD)! - 3/21/09

What are the requirements for the VA compensation? - 3/18/09

Nine Disability Organizations Speak Out about Kindle 2 Text to Speech - 3/18/09

On 16 March 2009, a letter went out from disability organizations to six major publishers that sell Kindle ebooks:  Random House, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Penguin and Hachette.  These letters insist that Text to Speech be turned back on.

Break Boundaries Participates in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - 3/18/09


ReadHowYouWant: Increasing Content Available to Visually Impaired Readers - 2/6/09

IDEAL Group recently developed an "AugCom Ideas" resource.  It is thought-provoking, informative and useful.  It is entitled, "Low/No-Cost, Mainstream Strategies and Applications for Accommodating the Communication Needs of Individuals with Speech Disabilities."  See http://accessibilityportal.org/augcom_ideas.htm - 1/28/09


ICDRI Contributes to January 2009 Newsletter from the Design For All Institute in India  1/27/09

Benefit for David Bradley - 1/23/08


Credit Reports Now Accessible 12/31/08

Dollar General’s New Point of Sale Equipment Praised by Blind Community 12/10/08

AMS Vans, Inc Announces Successful Crash Testing Proving Excellence In The Handicap Van Industry- 12/04/08

AMS Vans, Inc surpasses California's strict emissions regulations - 12/03/08

COAT Launches Logo Contest! - 11/19/08

The eCane™ uses a combination of old and new technologies to produce a smart cane for people who are blind, or deaf and blind (deafblind) - 11/18/08

Automatic Sync Technologies' Delivers Captions Better, Faster, and Cheaper; CaptionSync removes the hurdles to creating captions - 10/29/08

Automatic Sync Technologies Supports Captioning for YouTube; YouTube video can now be made more accessible with captions from CaptionSync - 10/29/08

National Federation of the Blind and Target Agree to Class Action Settlement - 8/27/08

Rehabilitation/Assistive Technology-Related Linkedin Groups 08/24/08

Program Offers Simple Alternate to Medicare’s Paper Maze 8/09/08


Disabled Cupid.com Press Release - 8/2/08

Online Accessibility for the Visually Impaired - 7/24/08

Bureaucracy Cut for Owners of Motorized and Manual Wheelchairs - 7/23/08

Take Brave Steps Press Release - 6/3/08

Digitek Recall - 5/31/08

National Telecommuting Institute (NTI) - 05/14/08

Celebrity & Hero Witnesses Support Equal Access - 05/01/08

Rite Aid’s Web Site and Point of Sale Improvements Praised by Blind Community Leaders - 05/01/08

Celebrity & Hero Witnesses Support Equal Access - 05/01/08

Prescription Hope - - 4/29/08

National Credit Reporting Companies, Blind Community, Announce Landmark Initiative to Provide Accessible Online Credit Reports - 4/23/08

7-Eleven, Inc.’s Upgrade of Point of Sale Equipment Praised by Blind Community - 3/18/08

The Digital Inclusion Forum
The Digital Inclusion Forum is a United States centric cooperative initiative of the Wireless Internet Institute, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and One Community aimed at providing a comprehensive resource portal to:

  • Aggregate knowledge from digital inclusion field experiences
  • Share digital inclusion experiences among policy-makers and field project leaders and
  • Become the premier resource and training center for Federal, State and Local government policy  makers, field project leaders and community advocates of digital inclusion initiatives seeking to foster pervasive digital literacy and skills in support of US competitiveness.  3/07/08

Mesothelioma Prevention and Treatment
The Asbestos & Mesothelioma center is committed to providing the latest, up-to-date information to our visitors in hopes of creating awareness about the dangers of asbestos. For more information on mesothelioma and other asbestos cancer, visit asbestos.com. 2/23/08

UN Paper on Meeting ICT Access and Service Needs for Persons with Disabilities Now Available in Three Translations
As the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) commissioned Cynthia D. Waddell of ICDRI to produce a background research paper and global snapshot for a seminar on “Sharing Experience on Best Practices and Services for People with Disabilities” held in Geneva, Switzerland on 17 September 2007.  

Mesothelioma Overview and Summary
A mesothelioma overview: treatment options, jobsite exposure, and information on the harmful fibrous material asbestos. Read more on mesothelioma at the MAA Center

AMS Vans Proudly Announces Their New Multi-Purpose Vehicle for Commercial and Personal Use!
A palpable excitement is in the air at AMS Vans, with everyone abuzz about the newest addition to their handicap-accessible vans product line. A leader in the industry for many years, with a solid history of providing reliable and affordable converted vans to customers all over the world, AMS has just introduced a rear entry channel van to offer yet another option for their customer base to consider when choosing the best modified vehicle for their own, specific needs. 2/14/08

Bobby web accessibility checker and online products will no longer be publicly available as of February 1, 2008
ICDRI has been informed that the Bobby web accessibility checker and online products will no longer be publicly available as announced at http://www.watchfire.com/products/webxm/bobby.aspx  . We like to assure consumers that the free CynthiaSays™ web accessibility checker remains available and in high demand. For more information about CynthiaSays™, please visit www.cynthiasays.com.  Endorsed by the American Council of the Blind, the CynthiaSays™ portal is a joint education and outreach project of ICDRI, the Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter, and HiSoftware.  2/13/08

Statler Training and Employment Program in Telephone Banking (STEP)
Many companies need good entry-level workers for their customer contact centers. They want to hire people with disabilities. Statler listened them and went to work! A banking industry leader, M & T Bank, developed a course with Statler to train people with visual, and physical, disabilities in telephone banking.  1/8/08

Update: Appeals Court Denies Target Motion to NFB v. Target Web Accessibility Case
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has denied Target’s petition for an interlocutory appeal of the District Court order granting class action certification. This means that the web accessibility lawsuit will move forward on behalf of all Americans as well as all Californians who are blind. 1/2/08

House Releases 21st Century Communications And Video Accessibility Act For People With Disabilities
Released yesterday, the draft would amend the Communications Act – the statute that impacts the telephone and video programming industries – to add new consumer protections that will ensure people with disabilities do not get left out or left behind as telephones and television programming increasingly rely on digital and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. 12/23/07

December 2007 Interview by Business Week Magazine
Cynthia Waddell is interviewed by Business Week Magazine. 

See Cynthia Waddell's blog for the United Nations.  12/19/07

Cynthia Waddell speaks at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum held in Rio de Janeiro November 12 through 15, 2007
Cynthia D. Waddell, Executive Director of ICDRI and Vice-Chair of the Internet Society Disability & Special Needs Chapter, gave two presentations at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum held in Rio de Janeiro November 12 through 15, 2007.  The page includes her November 12 presentation.  11/24/07

Presidential Candidates Forum in NH
Sponsored by AAPD and several other national disability groups have sponsored on November 2 in NH  11/1/07

 AAPD's 2008 Presidential Election Action Center
 located at http://www.aapd.com/News/election/peac2008.php  11/1/07

NFB v. Target Class Action Order Dated October 2, 2007
This is a PDF file - Download the Reader 10/2/07

Broadband Changed My Life Contest
has A grand prize of $1,000, a second place prize of $500 and a third place prize of $250 will be awarded to the best submissions on how Broadband changed my life (enter by Oct 1). They are particularly looking for stories from PWDS.  8/27/07

Check out the Alliance for Public Technology site and their project to increase the deployment of Broadband Technolgy 8/27/07

Statler Center Prepares People with Disabilities for Jobs in the Hospitality Industry! 8/26/07

Veterans Mental Health Resources
Information for returning veterans and their families about prevention, treatment and recovery support for mental health and substance use disorders.7/16/07

Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician's Guide
New Book Unveils Innovative Approach to Jump-Start Rehabilitation and Special Education efforts.

North Carolina Jails and Inmates with Mental Illnesses and Developmental Disabilities.
The Governor’s Advocacy Council for Persons with Disabilities (GACPD), an agency of the North Carolina Department of Administration, has just released the report: "North Carolina Jails and Inmates with Mental Illnesses and Developmental Disabilities."... 7/9/07

National Federation of the Blind and Massachusetts Reach Agreement with Nation’s Largest ATM Deployer
The National Federation of the Blind, the nation’s oldest and largest organization of blind persons, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Cardtronics Inc., which has the largest ATM network in the United States   7/4/07

New York City Bar Paper on Why Websites must be Accessible to People with Disabilities  6/30/07

Direct Link to Census Bureau Statistics on People with Disabilities!!!!
US Census publishes disability statistics. 6/28/06

The Infobility Report
Infobility is a new and unique program developed by a woman with a disability who became frustrated by the gap in services. If people do not fall into certain categories designated by the system, they risk just falling through the proverbial cracks. 6/28/07

Information About Krown Manufacturing
An interesting article about people creating top of the line products for people with a number of disabilities...6/26/07

An Ounce of Prevention . . . Disabled Women Veterans, Could It Have Been Prevented?
Currently, the military is comprised of 20 percent women. That means that by the year 2010, our veteran population will shift and become 14 percent female....6/22/07

Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals Will Aid Blind, Visually Impaired Community
SAN FRANCISCO (June 20, 2007)San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Executive Director and CEO Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. and City Attorney Dennis Herrera today announced a comprehensive agreement with representatives for the blind and visually impaired community, in which the City will commit at least $1.6 million over the next two and a half years to install accessible pedestrian signals. 6/18/07

RadioShack Announces Point of Sale, Web Site Initiative for Customers with Visual Impairments
In a move praised by state and national blindness organizations, RadioShack (NYSE:RSH) today announced it has undertaken a nationwide initiative to improve services for RadioShack's customers with visual impairments...6/13/07

Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT) Applauds FCC's New Disability Accessibility Requirements
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ado   5/31/07

Veterans Finally Able To Hire Lawyers for Veteran's Disability Claims
After June 20, 2007, disabled veterans will be able to hire an attorney much earlier in the VA disability process. 5/25/07

Hotels.com, one of the world’s largest online travel agencies, is discriminating against people with disabilities by refusing to guarantee reservations for wheelchair-accessible rooms, according to a California class action lawsuit filed today... 5/22/07

Freedom Machines

An award-winning PBS documentary, is an engaging overview of the vital role of technology and universal design in the lives of children and adults with a range of disabilities. 5/23/07

The Virginia Tech Tragedy

We at ICDRI would like to express our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, schoolmates, and colleagues of those who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech shootings. 4/17/07

Amazon.com and National Federation of the Blind Join Forces to Develop and Promote Web Accessibility

"Baltimore, Maryland (March 28, 2007): The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and Amazon.com announced today that they have agreed to work together to promote and improve technology that enables blind people to access and use the World Wide Web. In a cooperation agreement, Amazon.com pledged its commitment to continue improving the accessibility of its Web site platform, while the NFB committed to contribute its expertise in Web accessibility technologies to help further Amazon.com’s efforts." - Quoted from the press release. 3/29/07

CCD Task Force Challenges DOJ Lack of Sec. 508 Oversight - On March 14, the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) Technology and Telecommunications Task Force wrote to U.S.  Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, to ask about the Justice Department's delay and disinvestment in the monitoring and reporting activities for Sec. 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  - 3/20/07

Assistive Technology News Launches News Web Site  - Assistive Technology News has launched www.atechnews.com to assist the nation’s 56-million people with disabilities stay abreast of assistive technology products that enhance their independence and improve their quality of life.  - 3/20/07

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children Too - the Seventh Annual FODAC Walk ‘n’ Roll and Silent Auction. Come walk with or interview clients that have received FODAC services giving back to others by participating in the walk. - 3/20/07

News on the Lawsuit Against Target by the National Federation of the Blind - 03/16/07

ICDRI Joins COAT - 03/12/07

Safeway Installs New Equipment to Protect Financial Privacy of Shoppers With Visual Impairments - 01/09/07

Wal-Mart Installs New Equipment to Protect Financial Privacy of Wal-Mart Shoppers with Visual Impairments 01/09/07

Smart Kids with LD 2007 Youth Achievement Award Launched

Nominations are now open for the fourth annual Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities Youth Achievement Award. This year’s $1,000 award recognizing the great strengths of young people with LD and/or ADHD will be given to a high school or younger student with documented learning disabilities or ADHD who has demonstrated initiative, talent and determination resulting in a notable accomplishment in any field -- including art, science, math, athletics or community service.  Honorable Mentions will also be awarded.

RediAuto Sport Introduces the Soft Touch™ System

 Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 13, 2006  - RediAuto Sport, America’s only supplier of sports cars for disabled drivers, announces its new model of competitively priced hand controls, the Soft Touch™ Gas & Brake system.   November 17, 2006

AAPD Alert - Resources for US Voters to use if they have Questions about Voting on November 7, 2006

The following are resources for voters to use if they have questions about voting.  October 30, 2006

Lainey Feingold to Do Web Cast on World Usability November 14 on Structured Negotiations - October 27, 2006

Fishing and Boating for People with Disabilities

My name is "Kip" Cliff Johannesen.  I recently bought another boat which I think would be handicapped accessible. I am putting out out an open, free, invitation to those who want to fish or just get out on the Bay.   Hope to hear from folks who are interested, Captain Kip, Cliff Johannesen 06/20/06

Bank of America 2006 Addendum to Settlement Agreement

SEPTEMBER 2006 - Bank of America agrees that 100% of their ATM locations will have a talking ATM by June, 2009


 NEW YORK – September 19, 2006 – GfK Mystery Shopping and Butler New Media today announced a joint venture that will provide GfK clients access to Butler’s ABILITY Mystery Shopping Panel. The effort combines the expertise of GfK Mystery Shopping with Butler’s knowledge of the disabled community to create America’s first national panel for individuals with disabilities.

Real Estate UD

Real Estate UD is a new national internet-based company that specializes in advertising universal design homes and accessible homes for sale. We offer a new approach to traditional real estate advertising. For more information, visit us on the internet at www.realestateud.com. 07/03/06

ABILITY Panels Officially Launch

 Bainbridge, Georgia – July 3, 2006 – Butler New Media, a disability services firm announces the official launch of two new online panels for people with disabilities, their family members, and other stakeholders. 07/03/06

HiSoftware Celebrates 10 Millionth Page Test on its Cynthia Says Portal

HiSoftware Celebrates 10 Millionth Page Test on its Cynthia Says Portal
Educational Web page testing tool helps identify errors to make Web content accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Target Sued Over Inaccessibility of Web Site

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) has filed a class action suit in California’s Alameda County Courthouse against Target Corporation, the nationwide discount retailer which operates more than 1,300 stores in 47 states.
The suit – brought by NFB, the NFB of California, and a blind Californian, Bruce “BJ” Sexton, on behalf of themselves and all blind people in California – charges that Target’s website (www.target.com) is inaccessible to the blind, violating the California Unruh Civil Rights Act and the California Disabled Persons Act.



For older news items, please visit the News Archive




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