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ICDRI International Accessibility  Policy Projects and Reports

Below is the listing of reports on policy projects that ICDRI is working on that are related to Accessibility for People with Disabilities. 

If you have questions or comments please e-mail them to  icdri@icdri.org

Justice Department Reaches Three Settlements Under the Americans with Disabilities Act Regarding the Use of Electronic Book Readers The settlement agreements can be found at:  http://www.ada.gov/new.htm  - January 13, 2010

ICDRI WIPO Statement in Support of the Proposed Treaty- Delivered at SCCR19 on 15 December 2009 by Cynthia D. Waddell -  December 15, 2009

Waddell to Speak at United Nations and Houses of Parliament - April 20 - 28, 2009

Report on Waddell Speech at Houses of Parliament, London April 27-28

Report on World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF 2009) April 22-24, 2009

Report on the Internet Governance Forum, Hyderabad, India - December 3-6, 2008

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Special Working Group on Accessibility (SWG-A) - June 10, 2008

Speech at Internet Governance Forum 12 November 2007 by Cynthia Waddell - November 12, 2007





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