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Cynthia Waddell and Michael Burks Chosen to Share a Davis Award with Group in Florida


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Each year, the Davis Productivity Awards recognize and reward state government employees whose work significantly and measurably increases productivity and promotes innovation to improve the delivery of state services and save money for Florida taxpayers and businesses. This year, I am happy to announce that DMS received 5 Davis Productivity Awards resulting from the hard work of 23 of our dedicated employees. Those receiving awards and recognition at an event on June 8th are as follows:

Tom Butler will receive a $1,000 award in the Individual Category for leveraging the MyFloridaMarketPlace Sourcing tool to build and conduct a reverse auction for Office Consumables. Based on the state's previous volume of purchases, the original value of the contract was estimated at $51.5 million over three years but, after 11 suppliers spent over two hours trying to under-bid each other, the three-year price tag dropped by over $18 million, or 32 percent.

The Real Estate Project Team, consisting of Cindi Marsiglio, LeeAnn Korst, Ronald Baker, John Holley and Mark Mahoney from the Governor's Office, will receive a Certificate of Commendation in the Team Category for developing a reorganization plan for state office space.

The Building Plans Security Team, consisting of Nick Crim, Larry Coleman, Mary Lynn Shearer and John Owen, will receive Honorable Mention in the Team Category for increasing building security by implementing plans controls.

The Leasing, Parking and Preventative Maintenance Tracking Team, consisting of Ming Ko, Chuck Moneyham, Nancy Gebhart, Lisa Lehman, Ron Goldstien, Carolyn Jones, Tim Traylor and John Owen, will receive a plaque in the Team Category for developing a tracking and access system through the Fixed Capital Outlay Management System.

The Governor's Working Group on the Americans with Disabilities Act Team, consisting of Julie Shaw, Lloyd Tribley, Stacia Woolverton, Fenglan Yu, Ruben Betancourt, and Rich Brown from DMS, Matt Kimball, Kim Bahrami, and Parker Cape from the State Technology Office, Simone Marstiller from the Executive Office of the Governor, Adam Gaffney from the Department of Education, Gordan Palmer from the Agency for Workforce Innovation, ADAWG Board Members Michael Van Randen, Joan Camezon, Ray Carpenter, and Chris Wagner, Doug Towne from the Disability Relations Group, as well as Cynthia Waddell and Michael Burks from the International Center For Disability Resources On The Internet, will receive a plaque in the Partnership Category for developing a comprehensive accessible electronic information technology program.

Please join me in congratulating these dedicated employees for their contributions and in supporting the mission I have set out for the Department - "To be a customer focused agency providing effective and efficient services in order to better enable state agencies and employees to deliver the Governor's priorities to the people of Florida."




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