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 Review of AMS Vans Newsletter

 AMS Vans newsletter is a splendid amalgamation of both professionalism and community outreach. The numerous links gives the reader a substantial amount of information for what ever their taste may be. This includes everything from filing a tax return to advice for new members of the disable community. This newsletter acts as an all-encompassing portal for disability groups. I found two features especially striking about the newsletter.

The first feature is the links to the vehicle information page. Each of these links is attached to a detailed vehicle report. The report includes prices, specification and a link to review the Carfax. Having the Carfax available gives the reader a sense of comfort. For myself, I received an impression that AMS Vans is an outfit of integrity. This feature demonstrates the bridge between professionalism and compassion.

The second most notable feature is the social networks. Through Facebook, Twitter and Myspace a reader/customer can reference the newsletter anywhere. This shows me that the administrators at AMS Vans Inc understand the importance of contemporary technology. As well as the current exposure social networks bring to their cause.

This newsletter possesses a wealth of information. The links are easy to navigate. Each piece of information is driven to educate its reader. The uniqueness of this newsletter is demonstrated by its references to both social networking and sales of converted vans. I am moved by the personal touch the creators incorporate into this electronic print.

If you would like to subscribe to the Newsletter, follow this link!


written by Michael C Burks -  ICDRI Staff




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