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Review of CallXpress from AVST

 Review of CallXpress from AVST

ICDRI recently did an in depth analysis of the CallXpress product from AVST. This is an innovative telecommunications product that helps to solve many accessibility issues involved with email, voice mail, and Unified Communications. The product is designed to be used by the greatest number of people, disabled or not. As such it is one of the most effective products we have seen to date in this arena. There are a number of interfaces offered to the user and they can be used by people with a variety to disabilities as well as users in different situations which may preclude the use of one type of interface or another.

The product has a well designed user interface for accessing email, voice mail, and fax messages. It has a variety of user interfaces available that will let users in various environments, situations, or with specific disabilities access their messages in ways that best suit them.

One of the most impressive features of the product is the Speech Enabled Personal Assistant. Using this feature of CallXpress the user can get, respond to, and make new e-mail messages, get Microsoft® Exchange® contact numbers, place outbound calls, place calls on hold, get several inbound calls, and schedule meetings all on a single call. This feature is especially helpful to people with visual and mobility issues as it can be controlled with the voice. It has been tested by ICDRI by testers with visual disabilities and those with mobility issues. The system worked very well and the testers were able to use it with very little difficulty. It is simple to use and can be used over a regular handset as well as a cell phone with Bluetooth. It is very flexible and easy to use and is highly recommended for everyone disabled or not.

There is also an interface for TTY users as well, which is quite easy to use.

Another outstanding feature of the product is that many aspects are configurable by the user or by the product administrator which can help customize CallXpress for specific users.

In closing this is a well thought out and well executed product that allows users of several different brands of email access voice mail, email and fax services in a variety of ways that are usable and accessible in a variety of environments by the largest number of people possible, disabled or not. It is an excellent example of Universal Design being applied to the emerging Telecommunications and Unified Communications market.

Accessibility Features of CallXpress

More information is available on the AVST web site at http://www.avst.com

Review by ICDRI Staff August 11, 2008


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