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Review of Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Guide

Review by Michael Burks




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The Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Guide is one of the best instructional videos I have ever viewed.  The author of the video guide is Dan Newman.  He has done an excellent job with this instruction.


 The presentation is one of the best I've ever seen.  Mr. Newman has presented this in a way that makes it easy to learn and easy to remember.  First he introduces the subject, then he talks about it, next he shows you how to do it.  Lastly he reviews the feature.  It is an outstanding presentation.


The product I reviewed had three volumes.   

Volume 1 was the introductory volume.  This was an excellent overview of Dragon Naturally Speaking .  It is an invaluable set of lessons for anyone trying to learn Dragon.  It is also an outstanding review of the product. 

Volume 2 is the intermediate coursework.  Among other things it discusses how to use various products such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft word, and Microsoft Excel.  It also discusses various techniques that are invaluable for the effective use of Dragon.   

Volume 3, the last volume, discusses advanced techniques.  This is an excellent discussion and is quite instructive. 

This video instruction is without question the best discussion I have ever seen of any Dragon Naturally Speaking product.

Purchasing the Video

Purchasing the video is strongly recommended if you want to learn Dragon Naturally Speaking, quickly and effectively.  If you would like to view a free Video Lesson before you purchase, go to the SAYICAN web site and look you can find it on this page describing the Video Guide.  Choose the View a Sample Video link at the bottom left of the page.   The video  can be purchased by following this link to the Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Guide. 


The Dragon Naturally Speaking a Video Guide is without doubt, some of the best video instruction I have ever seen.  It is effective and efficient.  Effective and that it teaches you how to use Dragon in an excellent way.  Efficient in that it teaches you quickly how to use the product. 

I strongly recommend this product for anyone who is serious about learning Dragon Naturally Speaking regardless of the version you have.  It is not only a good teaching guide but an excellent reference.  I use it frequently and I'm very glad that I have it.




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