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Reviews of Books, and Other Disability Related Materials and Products




Below are reviews of books and other disability related materials and equipment.  These reviews are strictly for informational purposes and do indicate an endorsement of either the author's point of view or the reviewers point of view.

If you have material you would like reviewed, or you have equipment you would like us to test or review, please contact us at icdri@icdri.org or call 919 349 6661


Review of the Shoe and Boot Valet

Review of BAZWNG

Review of AMS Vans newsletter
AMS Vans newsletter is a splendid amalgamation of both professionalism and community outreach.

Review of That’s Like Me
Jill Lauren’s That’s Like Me! Helps children identify with people who have learning difficulties at an early age.

 Speech Assistant Product Review
The Speech Assistant is quite an effective device for making phone calls for people with speech impairments

Review of Senior Smart Puzzles
These will keep you sharp!!!!

Review of CallXpress from AVST
This is an innovative telecommunications product that helps to solve many accessibility issues involved with email, voice mail, and Unified Communications.

Review of Take Brave Steps
Inspirational book for anyone facing traumatic or life altering situations!

Review of CG-Lock
For those that ride or drive in cars or other vehicles with factory-installed seatbelts, there is a new, inexpensive product that enhances your comfort, stability and comfort: the CG-Lock.

Review of Ableplay.org
AblePlay.org  ( http://www.ableplay.org  ) is a toy rating system and website that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs so parents, special educators, therapists and others can make the best play choices for the children in their lives with disabilities.

Review of Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Guide
Review of an outstanding instructional video by Dan Newman

Review of Cordblood.com

Stepping Out of the Box
Inspirational Web Site about Spinal Cord Injury Created by Kris Ann Piazza

Review of the Cordblood Web Site
It approaches the subject of stem cell research in an open, honest, and careful way.

The Dictionary of Perfect Spelling
By Christine Maxwell

Blind Traveler Down a Dark River
by Robert Bennett

The Caregiver's Essential Hand Book
by Sasha Carr, MS., and Sandra Choron

The Disability Experience: A Healing Journey
Arthur Soissons-Segal

Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped
by Dale Susan Brown and Richard Nelson Bolles

Learning a Living A Guide to Planning Your Career and Finding a Job for People with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Dyslexia
by Dale Susan Brown

Leonardo's Laptop Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies
by Ben Shneiderman

Nick’s Gallery  NEW!
by Gill James

Nursing Students with Disabilities
by Donna Carol Maheady Ed.D., C.P.N.P., RN

A Pattern of Silent Tears
by Mariana Ruybalid

Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician's Guide
New Book Unveils Innovative Approach to Jump-Start Rehabilitation and Special Education efforts.

Teach Yourself CSS in 24 Hours
by Kynn Bartlett