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Take Brave Steps Review

 Take Brave Steps Review




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When the author of Take Brave Steps asked me to review his book, I was as much curious as anything else.  I have had a small amount of experience with close relatives that have had strokes but personally did not know much about the recovery process.  I am glad I agreed to review the book.  It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read.

The first thing that struck me was that this book is applicable to many more disability issues than strokes and their aftermaths.  This book is applicable to almost any life altering situation.  Have been through these types of situations personally I can attest to its applicability for everyone who has had a traumatic life altering event in their lives.

The book is not long in terms of pages, but it is a missive that should be read slowly and carefully.  I found myself reading a chapter a day and sometimes reading the chapter again the next day.  I found it lifted me up, so I read it slowly and carefully.  On several occasions when I was not feeling very well, I found myself looking forward to reading the next chapter!  It made me feel much better when I was done.

Ron presents a series of steps that are ostensive designed for stroke recovery.  However in my opinion each of us can use these steps to help us over come difficult situations in our lives.  It is not only inspiring but the steps are well designed and well thought out to help each of us overcome the most difficult of situations.

I will not go into details of the steps, but will say I intend to use this book frequently in my life.  I give this book a strong recommendation to everyone, regardless of your situation, because whoever you are, and whatever you are doing, this book can help you!

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Reviewed by Mike Burks, ICDRI Staff

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