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Cover of Blind Traveler Down a Dark River

Blind Traveler Down a Dark River


Robert Bennett

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Book Review 

Set in the not too distant future in New York City, the book Blind Traveler Down a Dark River is an exciting, well constructed, fast moving story of a blind computer expert caught up in a intricate murder story involving high technology and environmental terrorism.

 The main character is blind and moves around New York city in general and Brooklyn in particular using advanced electronics that tell him where he is and what is around him. Forced into being a detective by circumstances beyond his control, he finds himself in he middle of a murder case which he must solve.

 This is an exciting and believable story of a man who uses the high technology that helps him get around in the world to solve a case that the police cannot! I found it to be on of the most exciting and believable books I have read in a long time! Kudos to the author Robert Bennett! My advice to everyone….Get the book! Read it! It will be one of the best books you will read this year! 


written by Mike Burks ICDRI Staff

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