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Review of Cordblood Web Site


Michael Burks




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Cordblood.org is one of the most interesting and enlightening web sites I have seen in a long time.   

It approaches the subject of stem cell research in an open, honest, and careful way.  The site explains many things I have no heard before and presents them in an easy to understand manner.  Everyone should look at this site and they would gain a much better understanding of how stem cells are used and what the important issues around the use of stem cells are.

The first page I would highly recommend would be the page titled Cord Blood Stem Cell.  This is one of the most informative articles I have ever seen on stem cells and as I said before everyone should read it.  It tells what Cord Blood Stem Cells are and how they are collected.

The next article to read in my opinion is the page entitled Cord Blood.  It is also quite informative and should be read.  It details how the cells can be used and what diseases they can treat.

I will not tell you the rest of the site because you should go read it yourself.  I will say that this site offers much hope for many people who have a myriad of diseases and disabilities that may well be treatable with stem cells.  I wish to offer a heartfelt thank you to the people who have put this site up and are doing this research!!!

Visit the site!!!!!


written by Mike Burks ICDRI Staff




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