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How One Phone Call Today Can Help Win Your Social Security Disability Benefits

By Karl Kazmierczak

December 06, 2006



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Many people who apply for Social Security Disability or SSI fill out all the paper work and then leave it up to Social Security or their lawyer to make sure all their medical information is in the file. If you have not had contact with Social Security or your lawyer in two or more months then this article is for you.

List all the doctors you have seen from one year prior to the day you became unable to work until the present. Also make a note of any hospital admissions, ER visits, or test performed (example MRI, X RAY) during that time. With this information in front of you call Social Security. (Keep in mind if you have a lawyer representing you might want to consult with your lawyer before calling Social Security.) When you call tell them you are calling to check status and to see if all the medical records are in the file. Since you have your list of doctors and hospitals in front of you it should not take long to figure out what medical records are missing from the Social Security file. Donít forget to ask if there are any Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) forms from your treating doctors in the file. These forms are extremely important because it shows your doctorsí opinion of your limitations from your medical conditions. If the RFCs are not in the file ask Social Security for an RFC for each of your treating doctors.

If you make this phone call I am confident you will find out how much important information is not in your file. This missing information could slow down your claim, or worse, be the reason for a denial. Now take it upon your self to get the missing medical information. Talk to those doctors and hospitals who have not submitted their records. You will also want to bring your RFCs to your treating doctors and ask them to fill them out for you. It is best if you can bring these forms on a scheduled visit to your doctor. Remember no one cares more about your case than you so stay involved. For more free information on Social Security Disability visit my site at:http://www.ultimatedisabilityguide.com/



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