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KCAR Motorsport Promotion

March 10, 2004




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For Immediate Release

KCAR Motorsport Promotion is a unique organization that is working to change the public's perception of people with disabilities.  We are, in conjunction with the Disabled American Veterans, our Paralympic team, and others, organizing a NASCAR pit crew composed of disabled athletes.

It is our opinion that the reason so many disabled persons are unemployed is because a great many Americans believe that the "disabled are unabled."  Our goal is to show the 240 million annual viewers of NASCAR events that this is, in fact, not the case.

We are seeking athletes that are interested in the following:

1.  Arrange for own transportation to and from the 5 OFF 5 ON training facilities located in Mooresville, NC.

2.  Participate in a one day combine which will include a fitness evaluation, a physical, and a skills evaluation (tire changers, tire carriers, and jack position).

3. 10-14 athletes will be selected and go through extensive training at the 5 OFF 5 ON pit crew training facility.

4.  Training, meals, and lodging will be paid by KCAR Motorsport Promotion.

Payment will be $1000 per race weekend, plus expenses.  Race weekends will entail a Friday-Sunday commitment.  Events will include public practice sessions, media coverage and race day duties.

It may be advantageous to be a NASCAR fan and to be familiar with a pit crew's job, but it is not necessary.  We are looking for talent and enthusiasm!

Additionally, we continue to seek sponsorship money.  This will guarantee us a spot on a major league team and provide incredible media coverage.

Please contact us with a phone number at:



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