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Web Site Built by Enabling Dimensions Pte Ltd, Seeks to Make the World Cup Soccer Matches Accessible to People with Disabilities 

June 16, 2002




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Enabling Dimensions Pte Ltd of Singapore has built a web site to make the World Cup Soccer Matches accessible to everyone regardless of disability.  The site is located at: http://www.enableall.org 

From June 15 onwards they will be covering all the matches with live text commentary.

Visit the site and offer you comments as they would like to know what you think!

Enjoy the matches!  Many thanks to Enabling Dimensions Pte Ltd  for providing this service!


World Cup on the Net for the Disabled

Press Release

www.enableall.org is a website designed to enable the disabled, especially the visually challenged, access the live coverage of the ongoing world cup football matches. Many may find it hard to believe that the blind can actually surf the net… imagine switching-off your computer monitor and then surfing the web.

But blind do surf the web and as ably as any one of us. They do so by the use of screen reading software that reads out the text on the computer screen in a synthesized voice. The problem arises when there is a graphic element on the website that the screen reader cannot interpret. However, if a website is designed in a manner that it complies with “universal web accessibility” standards as laid down by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C/WAI), e.g. all graphical and multimedia elements are given an alternate-text description that the screen readers can read, then blind can easily surf such websites. EnableAll.org adheres to such international universal web accessibility standards and hence is a disabled-friendly site.

EnableAll.org, has been created by Enabling Dimensions, a Singapore based company with its development center in India, specializing in providing web solutions for the disabled and elderly. EnableAll.org is one of the few websites in the world, if not the only site, that is covering the World Cup for the disabled audience. Even the official World Cup sites are not disabled-friendly.

The website brings live coverage of every game along with comprehensive information on the teams, players, play-offs and up-to-date world cup news and trivia. It also allows users to participate in opinion polls, receive daily newsletters and give feedback.

EnableAll.org has got over 20,000 hits and has served more than 7000 page views from May 31 till June 17 (that is from start of World Cup till pre-quarter final, Brazil vs Belgium). Maximum traffic to the site is coming from USA followed by Singapore, UK, India, Australia, Germany, Western Europe, Malaysia, Canada, UAE, Japan, Italy, Sweden, France and Switzerland.

EnableAll.org is envisioned to become a global, self-help community for the disabled. Atul Pant, Managing Director, Enabling Dimensions said, “The objective of EnableAll.org is to empower the disabled to acquire knowledge and build capabilities that enables them to choose a quality of life they desire. World Cup coverage is just the first step.”

EnableAll.org will have several channels providing information that is relevant to the disabled and to the caregivers of disabled. The Education channel will have information about educational options open to the disabled, the Employment section will have information on how to seek employment and list of equal opportunity employers, Rights & Issues channel will educate the disabled about their rights and Technology channel will have latest news and updates on assistive technology. While the country specific channels will have localized information on the above issues, the global linkages of EnableAll.org will allow its members to build linkages with their peers all across the globe. Being compliant to international universal accessibility standards, this will be a disabled-friendly website.


About Enabling Dimensions

Enabling Dimensions ( www.enablingdimensions.com ) is a Singapore based company with its development center in New Delhi, India. It is modeled on social-entrepreneurship and provides web solutions that enable the disabled and the elderly use the Internet more easily and effectively. Its services include developing accessible web content, training on web accessibility, developing disabled friendly e-Learning courseware and research and promotion of web accessibility standards. Enabling Dimensions objective is to "make the web a disabled friendly place."

Contact Information:

Enabling Dimensions Pte Ltd

133, New Bridge Road

Singapore - 059413

Tel/Fax: (65) 6742 0617

Email: info@enablingdimensions.com  

Website: www.enablingdimensions.com 




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