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Wawa A. Ngege

April 2002 - Present President (Chairman and CEO) of SDNP SchoolNet Cameroon NGO (www.schoolnetcameroon.org)




Key qualifications

  • ICT Policy Specialist (specialising in National ICT Infrastructure Policy, ICT for Development, ICT in Education, Linux and Free Software, Knowledge Management Systems), CISCO Certified Networking Academy Instructor.
  • Project Manager with wide experience of research studies, rural organisation and institution building, rapid rural appraisal techniques and project implementation in the Agriculture sector, and more recently very active in the Internet and ICT field.
  • High capacity for analysis and report writing, negotiations, coordination and moderation of teams of senior staff in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Trustee of Internet Society
  • Vice Chair, SchoolNet Africa
  • President, Cameroon Linux and Free Software Association (CALIFSA)
  • Vice President, Cameroon ICT Group (CAMIG)
  • African Association for Public Administration & Management


  • CISCO 2001 Certified Networking Associate
  • University, College Station, Texas, U.S.A. 1982 Ph.D in Agricultural Economics
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, U.S.A. 1979 M.Sc in Food & Natural Resources (Agricultural Economics)
  • Amherst College, MA, U.S.A. 1977 B.A Honours (Magna Cum Laude)

Employment record:

  • April 2002 - Present President (Chairman and CEO) of SDNP SchoolNet Cameroon NGO (www.schoolnetcameroon.org)
  • January - March 2002 National Coordinator of UNDP's ICT for Development Programme in Cameroon. (www.sdnp.cm/ict)
  • June - March 2000 National Coordinator of the Cameroon National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICI) Plan, funded by the UNECA and adopted by the UN System in Cameroon as the framework for ICT Policy Cooperation with the Government of Cameroon (www.sdnp.cm/ict/nici)
  • April 1996 - December 2001 National coordinator of the UNDP's sustainable development networking program (www.sdnp.cm). Main technical outputs were: web server and web sites, email system, mailing list, monthly training sessions and one day workshops on internet networking.
  • Jun 1995 - Apr 1996 Sub-director of agricultural and agro-economic surveys, Ministry of Agriculture, Yaounde, Cameroon.
  • Oct 1989 - Jun 1995 Charge d'Etudes (Deputy Chief of Division), Agricultural Projects Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Yaounde. Supervised the work of some 20 senior Cameroonian staff and expatriate technical assistants. Responsible for the Planning, Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation of all Public and Para-Public Organisations Providing Services (Research, Extension, Crop Protection, Credit, Mechanisation) to the Agricultural Sector.
  • May 1986 - Oct 1989 Chief of Studies Division in the Department of Studies and Projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Yaounde. Supervised the work of some 35 senior Cameroonian staff and expatriate technical assistants. Responsible for coordinating Agricultural Policy and Planning, Project Preparation and Multilateral and Bi-Lateral Cooperation in Agriculture.
  • Sep 1983 - May 1986 Assistant Chief of the Agricultural Statistics Service in Ministry of Agriculture, Yaounde. Responsible for collecting, analysing and publishing agricultural statistics in such forms as "The Year Book of Agricultural Statistics", and the "Semestrial Situation Report and Outlook of Cameroon's Agricultural Sector".
  • Sep 1979 - Aug 1982 Research Assistant at Texas A&M University, Agricultural Economics Department. Did research on farm finance and the economics of the production, distribution and marketing of United States farm commodities. Developed a simulation model for evaluating the rate at which information circulates through U.S. grain markets.
  • Sep 1977 - Aug 1979 Research Assistant at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Department of Food and Natural Resources. Did research on the economic impact of large-scale rural investment projects on non-urban communities. Developed an input-output model for analysing the indirect employment and income distribution effects of alternate investment projects.

Other relevant assignments & responsibilities:

  • FONDAOROct 1994 - Feb 1995 Chairman, Payment Authorisation and Disputes Settlement Committee (PADSCO or CORL in French) of the Support Fund for Rural Organisations (FONDAOR).
  • ONCCJun 1993 - Jun 1994 Member of the Board of Directors of the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (ONCC)
  • OAU's CARFOPJun 1992 - Jun 1995 Member of the Board of Directors of the Organisation of African Unity's African Centre for Crop Protection Training and Research (CARFOP), Dschang, Cameroon.
  • Sep 1992 - Jun 1995 Member of Task Force on Human Development for the United Nations Development Programme responsible for the preparation of the Human Development Report on Cameroon.
  • Jul 1992 - Feb 1995 National Coordinator of the Central Unit for Rural Organisation Reform (CUROR) financed by the ILO, UNDP, World Bank, CFD, USAID, the French Cooperation Mission, etc Major Output: Law N; 92/006 of 14/8/92 on Cooperative Societies and Common Initiative Groups; Implementing Decree N; 92/455 of 23/11/92 of this law; Law N; 93/015 of 22.12.93 on Economic Interest Groups; Creation of Registries of Cooperative Societies and Common Initiative Groups in all ten Provinces of Cameroon and a National Registry.
  • Aug 1990 - Jul 1992 National Coordinator of the UNDP/ILO Cooperative Promotion Project. In this capacity, coordinated the Reform of Policy, Legislation and Regulations concerning Cooperative Societies and Common Initiative groups in Cameroon.Major Output: Government of Cameroon's Policy Declaration on Cooperative Societies and other Economic Groups. This Policy, whose aim was to liberalise the rural sector by offering a wide choice of adapted forms of business organisation to operators in the sector, served as the basis for the drafting of new legislation and regulations on cooperative societies, common initiative groups and economic interest groups.
  • Mar 1991 - Sept 1996 Chairman of the Special Tenders Board of the Cameroon Development Corporation responsible for the specification and procurement of equipment and services for this agro-industrial complex that has 15 000 employees.
  • Nov 1990 - April 1996 Chairman of the Monitoring Committee of the Performance Contract between the North West Province Development Authority (MIDENO) and the State.
  • Jan 1990 - April 1996 Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Agronomic Research Institute (IRA)
  • Mar 1989 - Present Chairman of the Liquidation Commission of the Wheat Development Authority (SODEBLE) in Ngaoundere, Adamawa Province and Cameroon.
  • Nov 1988 - April 1996 Representative of the Minister of Agriculture in the Inter-African Coffee Organisation (IACO); member of its Production Committee.
  • UNECA: July 1999 - April 2000 Member of Continental Technical Advisory Committee responsible for the organisationof the 1st African Development Forum on the theme: "The Challenge to Africa of Globalization and the Information Society" and preparation of the Post-Forum Summit of Heads of State. In this capcity, was part of the team that drafted the "African Learning Network", the African Framework for the Integration of ICT in Education
  • SchoolNet AfricaJuly 2000 - Present Vice Chair and Regional Representative for the Central African Region. In this capacity, working to establish catalyse National SchoolNets in Gabon, Central African Republic and Chad. Also Head of the SchoolNet CISCO Academy, which is part of a network of CISCO Academies covering Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Policy, Studies, Project Preparation and Negotiation Experience
  • UNDP/FAO, Cameroon1991 Development and Extension of Post Harvest Technology on Food CropsNational Project for the Development and Extension of Post Harvest Technology on Food Crops, responsible for the coordination of all Post Harvest Systems activities in Cameroon, irrespective of which donor was financing or implementing the project. Role: Prepared and Negotiated the international financing of the project.
  • WORLD BANK1989 Early warning systemTeam member on preparation of studies for the Early Warning System component of the World Bank financed Food Security Project, responsible for predicting attacks of locusts in the North of Cameroon and other epidemics and threats to food security and proposing appropriate measures to Government.
  • UNDP/FAO, Cameroon1989 Reduction of Post-Harvest LossesProject for the Reduction of Post-Harvest Losses on Cereals, Roots and Tubers in the West Province of Cameroon with additional financing from the World Bank. Role: Identified, analysed and negotiated the international financing of the project.
  • ADB1989 Post Harvest Loss ReductionPost Harvest Loss Reduction Project for the South-West Province of Cameroon, a component of the South-West Province Integrated Rural Development Project, implemented by the South-West Development Authority (SOWEDA). Role: Identified, prepared and negotiated the financing of the project.
  • WORLD BANK1988 - 89 Financing of Micro-Projects in Agriculture and the Community Project for the Financing of Micro-Projects in Agriculture and Community Development (FIMAC).Role: Identified, analysed and negotiated the international financing of the project.

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