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AWARE - HTML Writers Guild

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Resource Name: AWARE - HTML Writers Guild

Associated Organization: HTML Writer's Guild

Country of Origin: USA


ATTN: President, Technical Services, Accessibility Projects, etc.
110 E. Wiltshire Avenue, Suite G-12

City: Fullerton

State or Province: CA

ZIP or Postal Code: 92832

Telephone: Voice 714-526-4963 

Fax: 714-526-4972

Email: at: corporate@hwg.org 

Site Summary: "The AWARE Center was launched in April 1999 as part of the HTML Writers Guild's annual Web Accessibility Month, a special focus on the importance of designing for universal accessibility. The Center is supported by the Guild's staff and volunteers, and is designed as a resource for all web authors ." - Quoted from the HTML Writer's Guild AWARE introductory paragraphs.

The HTML Writers Guild also sponsors the Assistive Web Technology Laboratory.  This is a resource that can be used by web authors to acquaint themselves with the kind of technology used to access the Internet by people with disabilities.

The HTML Writers Guild also sponsors many courses that have to do with building accessible web sites and the use of the tools and techniques to do so.  There course work is reported to be accessible to people with disabilities. 

Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location:  http://aware.hwg.org/

Internet Resource Type: Web Site, Accessible Education, Accessible Web Site Construction

Resource Type: Accessible Web Construction Resource 



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