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About Us

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Mission and Values

Founded in 1998, The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI) is a non-profit center based in the United States and designated as a 501 (c)(3) entity.

Our overarching vision is the equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities. As an internationally recognized public policy center organized by and for people with disabilities, ICDRI seeks to increase opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying barriers to participation in society and promoting best practices and universal design for the global community.

ICDRI’s mission includes the collection of a knowledge base of quality disability resources and best practices and to provide education, outreach and training based on these core resources. ICDRI makes this information available in an accessible format through our web site at http://www.icdri.org whenever possible.


ICDRI receives many requests to provide white papers, keynotes and training for conferences, government agencies, universities and private sector organizations. ICDRI frequently is called upon to prSovide disability rights education and customized programs and is an active participant in public policy strategic planning and implementation for governments in the US and abroad. For example, ICDRI was the sole US speaker on Section 508 at the invitation of the European Commission and the European Disability Forum for the International Day of the Disabled in Brussels, Belgium in 2001.

Our Strengths

Our Board of Directors

Nine individuals serve on our Board of Directors:

1. Michael Burks - Chairman

2. Wen Lu - Secretary and Treasurer

3. Mary Barros-Bailey

4. Bill LaPlant - US

5. Christine Maxwell

6. Dr. Jose Luis Pardos

7. Dr. Patricia Trossman

8. Dr. Tan Tin Wee

9. Cynthia D. Waddell, JD

ICDRI Corporate Officers

Chairman – Michael Burks

Secretary – Cynthia D. Waddell, JD

Treasurer – Wen Lu

ICDRI Advisory Board

ICDRI could not be an effective international public policy center without the dedication of experts from around the world who have donated their time and services to further our mission:


Pauline G. Aguilar - US/Europe

Dr. John W. Aldis - US

Kathleen Anderson - US

Gunela Astbrink - Australia

Kynn Bartlett - US

Allison Bowen - US

Dale S. Brown - US

Jorge Esteban Rios Calero - US

Dr. Vinton Cerf - US

Vickram Crishna - India

Kip Crum - US

Linda A.  Day - US

Elizabeth P. Dixon - US

Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo - Spain

Ayda Sanver Halker - US

Catherine Hopkins - US

Larry G. Hull - USA

Steve Jacobs - US

Taylor Kearns - US

William J. Lawson, Ph.D.- US

Barbara Lombardi - US

Masafumi Nakane - Japan

Wawa A. Ngege - Cameroon

Atul Pant - Singapore and India

Y. J. Park - Korea

Kris Ann Piazza

Laila Shafiq Qubti - US

Erwin Rea - US and the Seminole Nation

Jonathan Robin - France

Catherine Roy - Canada

Andrea Saks - US

Julie M. Shaw - US

Jenifer . Simpson - US

Christian P. Smith - US

David Sullivan - US

Michael Van Randen - US

Rianne C. ten Veen - Belgium

Tom Worthington - Australia

Dr. Zhang Xu - China