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Accessibility  Primer Page


The Internet and the World Wide Web are tremendous resources for all who can use them.  It is a fact that certain segments of the population have a more difficult time accessing these resources than other segments.  Accessibility simply means making resources usable by the largest number of people possible.  This includes people with disabilities.  In fact the issues faced by people with disabilities in accessing the Internet and World Wide Web are wide and diverse.  The techniques used to make the Internet and World Wide Web accessible range from the simple to highly complex. 

Laws and policies are now  exist that mandate that web pages be accessible to people with disabilities. These are the legal underpinnings of accessibility for people with disabilities in the parts of the world where they exist.  These laws and policies are now starting to deal with Electronic and Information Technology and accessibility for people with disabilities.  They have begun to broaden their scope from just the idea that web pages must be accessible to the idea that all Electronic and Information Technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.  

Below are some links to sites that explain some of the issues in usability and accessibility and some links explaining some of the legal issues involved in making a web site accessible to people with disabilities as well as other legal issues involved with accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology and people with disabilities. There are also links to tools and techniques that can help to make software and web sites accessible.

Web Resources

WebAIM - http://www.webaim.org

Accessibility Techniques






Mobile Accessibility

Accessibility of Apple Devices

Android Accessibility - http://www.androidaccess.net/

IDEALGroup - email steve j


Accessibility Tools

Web Accessibility Tools

The Wave - wave.webaim.org

Worldspace/Fireyes - http://www.deque.com/deque-fireeyes

AChecker - http://achecker.ca/checker/index.php

Vischeck for Color Blindness - http://www.vischeck.com/vischeck/

aDesigner - http://www.eclipse.org/actf/downloads/tools/aDesigner/


Software Accessibility Tools

Application Accessibility Evaluator 1.0 - http://www.virtual508.com/accessibilityevaluator.html

Inspect 32

Object Inspector


Legal and Policy Issues

Section 508 Resource Page

We have collected a number of resources to help those who are looking for help with Section 508 issues.  The Section 508 Resource Page contains both legal and technical resources.  For those who are looking for assistance in making their resources compliant with Section 508 please visit our Products and Services Page to find out more about what the Center offers in this area.

Section 508 Summary Table

In order to help with web site accessibility problems, we are providing a basic checklist with references to the W3C. Visit the 508 Checklist for more information.  Also visit our Products and Services page to find out how to order the Web Site Accessibility Guidelines and Tutorial which included material on Section 508.

U. S. Legal and Policy Issues

There are many issues and policies involved with the disabilities.  These have been collected in the U.S. Legal and Policy Issue section.  A more detailed description and discussion of many of these issues can be found in the Works of  Cynthia Waddell.  Much of this has to do with Electronic and Information Technology access for people with disabilities but there are many other references there as well.

Global Legal and Policy Issues    

A great deal of activity on accessibility for people with disabilities is occurring on a global basis.  To check where this activity is occurring please go to the Global Legal and Policy  Resources section of the site.


Other Resources

Accessibility Issues Collection

For additional resources about Accessibility issues check the collection on this site devoted to Accessibility Issues.

Universal design

Universal Design simply stated says that products and services should be usable by the as many people as possible.  This is regardless of disability, language barriers, or other obstacles to use.  A good place to start to learn about this is at the Trace Center which can be found at http://www.trace.wisc.edu/world/

Human Computer Interface Issues

Bill LaPlant's paper on Human Computer Interfaces makes some important points and proposals about how to shorten the time from research to implementation in this area.  His Paper A Proposal for a Research Agenda in Computer Human Interaction is now available on the site.

W3C Accessibility Initiative

The World Wide Web Consortium is engaged in a project to help people to understand accessibility of web pages and to set up some standards on how to judge if pages are accessible and how to make sure the pages that are written are accessible. These guidelines and other information can be found at:  http://www.w3.org/WAI/

HTML Writer's Guild AWARE Center

AWARE stands for Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education, and their mission is to serve as a central resource for web authors who wish to learn about web accessibility. http://aware.hwg.org/

Web Accessibility Guidelines in Spanish

The Center is proud to present an outstanding  paper and Guidelines on Accessible Web Design by Jorge Plano of Argentina, the paper and Guidelines are in Spanish and the Center very much appreciates being able to publish a copy of the paper and Guidelines....

UI Access

UIAccess (www.uiaccess.com) is an up-to-date, practical resource for universal interface design and usable accessibility information. Popular resources include Web Accessibility Introduction, U.S. Legal Activities on Web Accessibility, and Comparison of [Section 508] EITAS Paragraphs and [W3C WAI] WCAG Checkpoints, as well as articles on specific web accessibility issues such as scalable text, spawned windows, and evaluation tools.



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