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The Health Information for Development (HID) Project

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Resource Name:   The Health Information for Development (HID) Project

Associated Organization: 

Country of Origin: UK

Address: P.O. Box 40s

City: Petersfield, 

State or Province: Hants

ZIP or Postal Code: GU32 2YH

Telephone: 0044-1730-301297 Mobile: 0797-10-45354 Fax: 

Fax: 0044-1730-265398


Email: dvt@compuserve.com  

Site Summary:  

The Health Information for Development (HID) project is a non-profit research project aimed at documenting and developing the capacity of health information resource centres throughout the world. HID has compiled a Global Directory of Health Information Resource Centres, which is now available at www.iwsp.org. The Directory will be updated on an ongoing basis, based on questionnaires available at the site.

HID is seen as the first phase of the proposed $45 m Information Waystations and Staging Posts project. "Information Waystations" bridge the digital divide by bringing the technology to the developing countries and training people on how to use it to obtain health information, while "Staging Posts" aim at bridging the information divide by adapting information materials so as to make them more appropriate for local use. Local formal information (books and journals) and non-formal/indigenous information is included.

Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location:  http://www.iwsp.org 

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Medical  Resource



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