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Opinion Survey About Neural Implants 


Below is a survey on Neural Implants.  There are no cookies on this site and ICDRI does not in any way track individual users.  If you wish to fill this survey out, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to send any comments to icdri@icdri.org  We thank you in advance for filling out the survey and helping us to understand these issues better.


Please use the below guide to rank your responses.

 They appear in the field of the drop down box as listed below:

1 = Strongly Disagree
2 = Somewhat Disagree
3 = Don't Care
4 = Somewhat Agree
5 = Strongly Agree
6 = It Depends on the Circumstances

Please select the answer that most nearly expresses your response to  the question.  Each question has a combo box from which you can select one of the six choices above.  

Please note, choice number six has been added to account for circumstances that you might feel would warrant a neural implant when you might not normally agree to this. 

1. If you were physically disabled, would you agree to be a recipient of a neural implant? 


2. It is our opinion that a Biometric Access and Neural Control solution can benefit everyone, disabled or otherwise. Do you agree?


3. Would you be concern that the information provided to the hospital, doctors, insurance companies, or government might be misused?


4. Do you agree with the paper?  

5. Do you agree with the theory that an EEG or Neural Fingerprint exists? 

6. If such a solution was available, do you think insurance companies should pay for the procedure? 

7. Based on the two schools of thought from the survey paper. Would you still agree to have neural interface directly implanted in your brain? 


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