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Resources for those who are Blind or Vision Impaired 



This page is devoted to resources for people with blindness and vision impairments.    If you have other resources please let us know by contacting us at: icdri@icdri.org  Or you may fill out a registration form and we will include the resource as soon as possible.

See the new page  Financial Aid Resources for Purchasing Assistive Technology

You might also want to visit our Books section or take a look at the following sections below: 

Below are some  books from ReadHowYouWant. These books are general literature and not specific to Blindness and Vision Impairments.

Classics:   Braille and Daisy Format

Vision Impairments: Super Large 20 pt.

Blind: Downloadable Braille Format


Books on Educational Issues

Books on Color Blindness

Books on Blindness and Vision Impairments

Books on Deaf Blind Issues

Career and Work Issues

Books by and About Helen Keller



AmbuTech - Canada

American Council of the Blind - USA

American Foundation for the Blind - USA

Blind Children's Center - USA

BrailleNet - France

The Braille Institute - USA

Braille Research & Literacy, Inc. (BRI Inc.) - USA 

Braille Plus - USA

The Bung Sang Computer Project - Viet Nam

Choice Magazine Listening - USA

CaptionMax - USA

The Center for the Partially Sighted - USA

Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) - Bangladesh

Colligo - USA

Comprehensive Rehabilitation - India

E-ACCESS Bulletin - UK

Enhanced Vision - USA

Dr Ed Goldberg, CRC - USA

Financial Aid Resources for Purchasing Assistive Technology - USA

Foundation Fighting Blindness - USA

Large Print Reviews - USA

Lighthouse International - USA

Lindavevision Press Release - USA

The Story of Lindavevision; a Web Site with Products for People with Low Vision - USA



MaxiAids.com Products for Independent Living - USA

National Braille Press - USA

National Federation of the Blind - USA

North San Diego County Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind - USA

Pip Squeakers - USA

Recording for the Blind and Dyslectic - USA

Royal National Institute for the Blind - UK

The Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind - New Zealand

The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) - Australia 

San Diego Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired - USA

The Screen Magnifiers Homepage - Netherlands

Seeing with Sound - the vOICE - The Netherlands

SightLink - UK

Solutions for Humans - USA

Sony Ericsson Mobile Special Needs Center - USA

Srpska Blind Union - Republic of Serbska (Bosnia)

SSPDirect - USA

STEP-HEAR - Canada

Step-Hear Provides a Lifeline for the Visually Impaired - USA

Synapse TAP and Synapse ADA Workstations - USA

Talking Books International Offering Talking Bibles in Multiple languages - USA

Technologies for the Visually Impaired - USA 

Tiresias - Vision Impairments and Blindness - United Kingdom, UK

U. S. Association of Blind Athletes - USA

Visually Impaired - Blind Singles - New Zealand

Zoomax Technology - China