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Calendar of Disability Events 2005


Listed below are important Disability conferences or other conferences which often have disability-related activities and events. Since disability issues are the primary concern of this site, it is also suggested that disability related papers can  be submitted to these events where possible. Should  you wish to submit a paper related to disabilities check the URL provided for submission dates.  If you know of  other conferences not here, please  add your listing, by sending details to: please send details to icdri@icdri.org or by going to the Conference Registration Page.  If you need to modify an entry here, please do so by contacting us at icdri@icdri.org or going to the Conference Event Modification Page.

This calendar was compiled, as a convenience for our readers, by Steve Jacobs. Neither Steve, nor ICDRI, assume responsibility for any errors contained herein. However, if you know of a correction that needs to be made please submit it to our staff at icdri@icdri.org or you may use the Conference Event Modification Page to make any needed changes.

Another great Calendar 2005-2006 built by Steve and his organization is found at: http://www.ideal-group.org/calendar 


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April 4-8, 2005 Vision 2005 London Vision 2005 London - the world's premier event on low vision and sight loss

The 8th international conference on issues concerning low vision and sight loss will be hosted by Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) in London from 4-8 April 2005.

Vision 2005 London conference and exhibition will draw together the world's leading researchers and providers of services, equipment and products at a prestigious venue in Parliament Square, Westminster.

The conference is organised under the auspices of the International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR) and is renowned amongst eye health professionals and specialists throughout the world for offering the latest in scientific research and the best opportunities for networking.

With a large exhibition, an impressive array of speakers, thousands of key people in the field from across the world and dozens of seminars running at any one moment, no professional concerned with issues affecting blind and partially sighted people can afford to miss this event and the networking opportunities it presents.

The main themes are:

  • Clinical care and integrating rehabilitation
  • Epidemiology and world blindness
  • Visual function assessment and visual performance
  • Education across the lifespan
  • Advances in technology, designing and constructing for an inclusive environment Employment

To register your interest in this prestigious event or to find out more, visit the website at www.rnib.org.uk/vision2005/register  or call the organisers on +44 (0)20 7940 5362


June 26-30, 2005 "Building Bridges Between Research and Practice." XVIII World Congress of Gerontology


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"Building Bridges Between Research and Practice." XVIII World Congress of Gerontology. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For information: mailto:nortonsa@uol.com.br





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