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Professional Fit Clothing

Resource Summary Page


Resource Name: Professional Fit Clothing

Associated Organization: 

Country of Origin: USA

Address: 831 North Lake St. Suite #1

City: Burbank 

State or Province: CA

ZIP or Postal Code: 91502

Telephone: 818-563-1975, 800-422-2348

Fax: 818-563-1834

Email: sales@professionalfit.com 

Site Summary: Since 1987, Professional Fit Clothing has established a much-needed service for people with disabilities by providing our fashions to those who are in state developmental centers, intermediate and residential care facilities, group homes, independent living programs, and individuals with special needs. The purpose of our company is to provide quality clothing that is comfortable, fashionable, functional, and affordable. Furthermore, our clothing is age appropriate and can be specially adapted if necessary. With unique styles that are not available in stores, this site is designed to give administrators, fashion center managers, social service designees, care providers, and all individuals with disabilities a convenient alternative to conventional methods of purchasing clothing.

Disability Association(s): All disabilities

Internet Location:  http://www.professionalfit.com 

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Children and Youth



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