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Order Constructing Accessible Web Sites

Order Constructing Accessible Web Sites

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Available Now at Amazon!  If you buy the book at the Amazon  through our website, the International Center will receive a small commission at no cost to you!

Order Constructing Accessible Web Sites

A new book on the construction of accessible web sites and the legal and policy factors that are involved in that construction is available now!  This is the most complete book on the subject ever to have been published.  It covers technical, implementation and legal and policy issues. 

 It can be used by everyone who has any involvement with web sites in any way from the CEO of the corporation, who sets policy, to the people who code the web pages. This book is a must read for everyone involved in electronic and information technology from top management on down to those responsible for the technical implementation of the web based technology.  

Three  of the authors are involved with the Center.  Mark Urban, Cynthia Waddell  and Michael Burks.  The other authors are Jim Thatcher, Shawn Lawton Henry, Paul Bohman,  Bob Regan, and Sara J. Swierenga.


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