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HITEC Group International

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Resource Name: HITEC Group International

Associated Organization: 

Country of Origin: USA

Address :1743 Quincy Ave, Unit #155


State or Province:  IL

Zip or Mail Code: 60540

Telephone: 800.288.8303

TTY: 800 536 8890

Fax:  630 6549219

Email: info@hitec.com

Site Summary:   

.  Inspired by her determination to make a difference in people’s lives, Madelaine “Maddi” Uzuanis discovered a path leading her to the world of assistive technology.  Maddi realized that manyMaddi with one of her five grandchildren Deaf individuals had difficulty finding products to help them communicate more effectively, and her desire to help them put her mission into action.  In 1982, Maddi founded HITEC Group International, Inc. and began supplying TTYs and other assistive devices to the Deaf community.  Her persistence and vision allowed her to take on challenges and promote accessibility through education and immediate solutions – the core of HITEC’s success!

Maddi with one of her five grandchildren

 Over the past 20 years, Maddi has brought on a dedicated group of employees who share in her vision to provide the best possible products as well as the highest level of attention to customer service.

HITEC is proud of it’s many accomplishments and relationships developed over the years. 

In 1988, the State of Illinois chose HITEC to run the state TTY distribution program (ITAC), which HITEC operated for 6 years. 

Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, HITEC has worked closely with a wide range of industries such as those noted below to help them meet or exceed the law’s requirements:

Hospitality: Marriott International, Hyatt International, Choice Hotels International, Holiday Inn International, Best Western Inns, and others

  • Businesses
  • State and Local Government
  • Healthcare

In 1993, Ameritech chose HITEC to operate the Ameritech Special Needs Center in Illinois to provide customers with assistive equipment. In 1994, the operation expanded to include the entire five-state Ameritech region. HITEC continues to manage the SBC Ameritech Special Needs Center.  The expansion has continued with HITEC managing the Special Needs Centers for the SBC Southwestern Bell and SBC Pacific Bell regions as of 2001.

In 1999, Ericsson Cellular chose HITEC to operate the Ericsson Special Needs Center worldwide, providing solutions to make cellular products accessible to customers with disabilities.

HITEC also manufactures the Sound Wizard Personal Amplifier, Clear Sounds I & II TV Listening Systems, HITEC amplified cordless telephones, and the WorldView TTY Series.

 HITEC Group International is innovative, involved, and driven to ensure a barrier-free, improved quality of life for ALL people.

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Disability Association(s): Deafness and Hearing Impairments

Internet Location: http://www.hitec.com/

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Resource Type: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resource, Assistive Technology