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Signing Video Clips “on demand” for Web Sites.



Signing Video Clips “on demand” for web sites: A new, unique and revolutionary service announced by SignTel., Inc.

North Haven, CT, November 13, 2001 - SignTel, Inc. announced today a new service, bridging global communications between the hearing and the deaf. The Sign language Video Clips service by SignTel enables any business or individual to purchase, for a nominal fee, video clips that sign desired sentences to visitors to web sites, or enable usage with material presentations such as Microsoft’s Power Point.

Webmasters, or web designers, can now include on their site any chosen sentences to appear in sign language on their web site, by submitting such selected text to SignTel’s Signing Video Clips engine. The respective generated signs are sent back as e-mail with attached video clips ready for use. When used in presentations, users who acquire SignTel Video Clips can easily integrate them into any presentation material.

SignTel Video Clips are fully “508 compatible”, that is, they can be used by all groups, whether they are deaf, blind, deaf-blind or deaf low vision. The Clips include descriptive text portions that make them accessible for screen readers.

There are two price tiers of this inexpensive service: 

$14.95 for any signed sentence for a business or individual and $9.95 if the purchasing entity is a not-for-profit organization. A reasonable length of sentence is considered not to exceed 24 words.

“Our aim is to provide to as many web sites as possible, the capability of being Deaf friendly” said Raanan Liebermann, President and CEO of SignTel.

“To enhance wide use of the service, SignTel also enables its Video Clips to be used with such products as Microsoft Power Point and in addition offers commercial incentives” added Dr. Liebermann.

The incentives allow for an automatic referral fee paid by SignTel to any web site that previously purchased such service and from which a new order comes through a link to its web site ( www.signtelinc.com  ). Under the incentive plan, any request for Signing Video Clips will automatically credit such linking web site with 15% of the collected amounts. Furthermore, any purchase of one or more Signtel Interpreter(s) orders received through such linking web sites will credit these sites with 3% of the collected amounts.

SignTel, Inc. introduced the Signtel Interpreter earlier in August this year and also announced this month a consumer version of that product at a greatly reduced price of $499.95. The Signtel Interpreter translates speech and text to seamless sign language and is conceptually accurate, and recognizes over 30,000 words, including over 1000 idioms. The commercial version of the Signtel Interpreter is sold either as a software only product or mounted on a laptop.

SignTel, Inc. develops communication technologies for the deaf and hard of hearing. The Company has hired over 100 deaf and hard of hearing employees in the last three years and relies heavily on their participation in the development and need assessments of the company’s products.

For more information visit the company's web site at www.signtelinc.com  or call 203-985-4780 (voice), or 800-459-5000 (TTY).



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