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SignTel Interpreter Press Release


This is a new product released today.  The Center has used the Product and can wholeheartedly say, it is an excellent product, it is easy to use, and has excellent accuracy.  While it is not usually the policy of the Center to endorse any one product, we can recommend this product and SignTel Inc., to those who need a computer product that facilitates communications between deaf and hearing persons.  It should also be noted that Signtel Inc.  Is easy to work with, and is open to new ideas and interested in new applications for their products.


The Future of Telecom: Enabling the deaf and hearing to communicate with each Other.

North Haven, CT, August 15, 2001 - 

SignTel, Inc .introduced today the Signtel Interpreter: the most advanced communications tool that enables direct communication between hearing and deaf persons. For the first time, a unique, cutting edge technology enables viewing on the screen, seamless signing in real-time, translated from text or captured voice.

Artificial intelligence, complex lexical analysis and over 30,000 recognizable words and phrases make the Signtel Interpreter a powerful translation tool from text or speech to sign language. It can be housed on most laptops or desktop computers.

This new patented technology will revolutionize communication with the 20 million deaf and hard of hearing persons in the United States in schools, hospitals, police stations, libraries, hotels, retail and businesses.  SignTel has received solid reviews from the successfully completed six months of Beta testing that preceded today's release.

"Products such as SignTel's are creating opportunities for people with hearing disabilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago", says

Mark Urban, of the International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet who is also the Vice Chair, National Committee on Information Technology Standards. Furthermore, according to Mark Urban, "This type of technology will provide a cost-effective method for making presentations and multimedia training accessible, whether it is in the classroom or the boardroom".  

"We are gratified by the beta testers positive embrace of the Signtel Interpreter, and are excited by their response. We envision this technology to become the standard in communication between the hearing and deaf and an integral part of every educational and service organization in the country. By integrating it into existing products and technological advances, companies both comply with the government regulations, and can also make a difference to individuals who need communication assistance", said Raanan Liebermann, President and CEO of SignTel.

SignTel, Inc., headquartered in North Haven,  Connecticut, develops communication technologies for the deaf and hard of hearing. SignTel is a major employer of deaf and hard of hearing individuals and currently employs about 70 such individuals, several of whom are deaf-blind or deaf low vision, spanning 25 states.  The Signtel Interpreter is demonstrated and featured in lectures today and tomorrow at the ADA Working Group convention in Orlando, Florida.

For more information, visit the Company's Web site at:

or call 203-248-0600.







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