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TEXTNET TTY Information



What is it?

It is a specialized Centrex-like TTY telephone service designed to provide interactive communications in the business environment with people who call using TTY devices and removes barriers within the work environment to empower employees who are Deaf, hard of hearing or speech restricted to participate fully.

As a telecommunications service, it qualifies for funding in the E-RATE Priority One funding category. E-Rate qualification makes it very easy and affordable for K12 schools at all levels to order, install and afford TEXTNET and equal access to education. 

As an accommodation to individuals using TTY it qualifies small Businesses for the Disabled Access Credit of 50% of the cost of the service.

See How It Works below

Who Can Use It

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Corporations
  • Non Profits
  • Government Offices
  • Other Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Small Business
  • Others

What are the Advantages?

  • Cost Effective maximizing investment in existing hardware.
  • Provides risk management tool for compliance with ADA, Rehabilitation Act and Telecommunications Act.
  • Easily Installed using email, system downloads, installation identification and access codes.
  • E-Rate Eligible for K12 and municipal libraries
  • Eliminates Traditional TTY Problems
    • Standard TTY-user complaints include “… hung up on, … cant’ get through menu,  … can’t talk to a person, … have to leave a message.”
    • Business issues include legal liability, equipment cost and training
    • Call Relay Services struggle to maneuver auto attendants (menus/IVR)
  • Disabled Access Credit for small businesses with 30 or fewer employees receives 50% of the cost of the service minus a $250 deductible.
  • Eliminates Needs for TTYs creating access through the existing PCs
  • Shared TTY Access Across the Enterprise means PCs in any location can make or receive TTY calls when users have ID and password access.
  • IVR-like Capability allows you to create menus manage information collection reducing time on calls
    • Callers can self-route
    • Gain access to recorded program information and special announcements.
  • Advanced Call Management for TTY Calls allows you to create systems that mirror telephone capabilities for voice callers:
    • Transfer calls,
    • Forward to alphanumeric pagers,
    • Email.
  • Exceed capabilities for voice callers by blending TTY and PC options: 
    • Cut and paste text from existing files without re-entering
    • Develop precomposed text for frequently asked questions
    • Print copies of calls on standard size paper.

How Can I Get More Information?

Request information by telephone800 288-8303, email: dianne@hitec.com , or by researching our websites at  www.hitec.com www.textnet.net

How Can I Try It?

Call to arrange a free demonstration of the TEXTNET TTY service. There are two ways to try TEXTNET: 1) request a free 30-day demo and 2) establish a pilot program at a reduced rate. Option one is to test a free demo.  A demo system can be established and access will be emailed to you for installation on the PCs of the participating member of your evaluation team.  Most demos remain active for 30 days. 

Option two is to subscribe for service in a segment of the organization under a pilot program with reduced pricing.  In large a consortium, corporation or state contract it is possible to develop a broader pilot program to evaluate the service for a reduced fee and for a limited time.  Contact Dianne Janega below for more details.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing for TEXTNET varies depending on the size of the system and the number of users and is a monthly fee like telephone services.    In many cases accessibility is equal to or less than commitments for analog lines and traditional style TTYs.  Call HITEC 1 630 327-3558 to discuss your needs and get pricing estimates

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Who Should I Contact?

Dianne Janega

Director, Sales and Market Development

1 800 536 8890 TTY

1 800 288-8303 Voice

1 630 321 2324 Direct

How It Works

TheTEXTNETtelephone service provides a seamless link between the public switched telephone network and the Internet infrastructures that are installed in virtually every school. TTY telephone calls that originate on the telephone system are routed through theTEXTNETtelephone switching center onto the school syA layout of how textnet worksstem’s LAN or WAN.  TTY calls are received and/or originated on the appropriate PCs.  No additional hardware or networks are required.  Installation is straightforward and involves five basic steps  • determining the number of simultaneous access lines

• determining the number of users

• loading user software

• determining call flow and phone number routing

• providing basic training to users.

TEXTNETis a specialized centrex-like TTY telephone service designed to provide interactive communications with people who use TTY devices. As a telecommunications service, TEXTNETqualifies for funding in the E-RATE Priority

One funding category. E-Rate

qualification makes it very easy and affordable for schools at all levels to order, install and affordTEXTNETand equal access to education.