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TEXTNET/NTS Networked TTY Services




TEXTNET/NTS, "Networked TTY Services," is an integrated Centrex-like system that seamlessly integrates the capabilities of the public switched telephone network, the Internet and TCP/IP local area network communication systems into an integrated system for TTY text chat and text messaging utilizing an organizationís desktop PCs as TTY terminals.  TEXTNET/NTS makes enhanced instant messaging and other services available to every licensed user while providing advanced specialized services for TTY users which include people who are deaf, severely hard-of-hearing, or speech restricted. 

In order to use TEXTNET/NTS within an organization, the TEXTNET/NTS user software will be installed on all or multiple users' computers within the organization.  Then, one or more TTY compatible TEXTNET Access Ports will be linked with the organization's LAN or WAN through the Internet.  With access to TEXTNET/NTSí TTY compatible telephony services and hardware, every licensed user in the organization is "TTY enabled" and can make or accept calls from TTY callers via the PCs in the organization.  Every user can also exchange secure instant messages and calls with every other TEXTNET/NTS user on the organization's LAN or WAN.  With the optional National "Link", anyone on an Internet browser can call TEXTNET/NTS users, and messages or calls may be placed to other TEXTNET/NTS users in remote TEXTNET/NTS sites or domains.  All text traffic over TEXTNET/NTS is 128 bit AES encrypted. The secure text messaging and chat system is currently in place on numerous high security networks including U.S. federal agencies, state agencies, and large corporations. 

Two components, which influence pricing, are the number of member organizations and the number of users at each organization.  TEXTNET/NTS consortium systems are sold by the number of users on the system and the number of member organizations using the system. Certain options are available at an additional charge and others will have no additional charge.  For example, an 800 number is issued with each port, while additional 800 numbers may be purchased for $5.00 per month.   

        The number of Users controls the number of users who can log into TEXTNET/NTS at one time and sets upper boundary for the number of permanent user accounts supported within the NTS database.

        Member organizations set the boundaries for the number of simultaneous calls into and out from the system.  If the capacity is exceeded, callers receive a busy tone until the system is capable of handling the next call on the Public Switched Telephone Network.  For calls using the network capabilities, the number of users in the organization sets boundaries.

        Call management capabilities allow calls to be transferred to any facility in the organization and to any alphanumeric pager of a licensed user in the system.

Access Fees:  Consortium Shared Services

 HITEC provides access to TEXTNET/NTS sites and will issue one or more "800" numbers to member organizations in a contracted consortium.  An organization can have multiple toll-free telephone numbers assigned to different areas of the organization.  If a TTY caller dials this number, then the call will arrive at high density, TTY capable, digital telephony equipment in HITECís central office.  The TEXTNET/NTS system will look at the number dialed (DNIS/DID) and then route the call to the correct person, department or call flow script in the organization.  With TEXTNET/NTS, we provide the all the necessary telephony hardware, computer servers, and telephone lines needed to accept calls from TTY users via the public switched telephone network or via Internet or TCP/IP paths.  For their users, Consortium members must provide PC compatible workstations and access to the Internet to receive TTY calls.  Users within an organization do not have to be in the same physical location as long as they all have Internet TCP/IP access. 

TEXTNET* includes 100 call minutes per month per access fee, to or from anywhere in the U.S. Additional minutes are billed at $0.06 cents per minute.  Unused minutes in any month are not carried forward.  The monthly fee includes all hardware, phone lines, hardware maintenance and support costs and one (1) toll-free (800, 877, or 888) number per member organization access fee.  Additional toll-free numbers are available at $5.00 per number per month.  There is a minimum of a three-year commitment for consortium members. 

Consortium members adding commercial for profit segments must negotiate addendum contracts with a minimum of 2 access ports at $100 each or 100+ additional minimum user licenses at $5.00 each in order to participate in the consortium.

User Licenses: varies as shown 

The cost of each TEXTNET/Nextalk User License depends on the total number of users licensed and varies with size of consortium membership and users.     

TEXTNET Consortium Level Prices                   

Minimum Users/Ea /Member User
Total User
Cost Per Mo 
Access Fee/Mo
One-time Setup Charge
100+  5 $3 $15 $25   $40 $175
11-100 5 $4 $20  $25  $45 $175
 6-10 5 $5 $25 $30 $55 $175
5  Minimum  5 $6  $30 $35 $65 $175


1.  Additional Members or Users added for same rate and a $175 setup fee for new members.

2.  Set-up fee includes: initial account setup of departments, users and a basic call flow script.  Custom call flow scripts or modifications to the initial call flow scripts and adds/changes/deletes to user and department structures are billed at $150 per hour. 

Training                                                                                                        $1,350/day plus T&L 

On-site user training is available in-group sessions of up to 20 students per group.  Basic user training is accomplished in four-hour sessions.  Up to two (2) training sessions may be scheduled per day.  Travel and living expenses (T&L) to and from the training site from Burr Ridge, IL are billed in addition to the daily training rate.

Please call Dianne at 630 327-3558 to discuss TEXTNET.




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