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Freedom in Peril

When the last Home Page is indexed, content filtered, untried,
and the oldest critic muzzled, youngest webmaster tried,
we'll pass to a peaceful era - consensus I.C.T.
with vain dissension silenced by silent majority. 

When the last blog link’s dismounted from Google China Inc.,
when the will to think’s discounted on online skating rink,
when all conforms to pattern on WiFi or on screen
what trace will the future filter of joys that might have been ? 

We'll hearken to soothing spokesmen comment on ICANN news,
and few will doubt or question, fewer express their views.
Only the good shall be favoured, only the hackers shall fall,
then last shreds of opposition need never be threaded at all.

When the dotcom start ups melt down, when click and mortar thrive,
when the inner cities downtown property prices dive -
transfrontier teleworking distorts economy -
then little chance of shirking entrenched monopoly.

When AOL Time Warner with Murdoch Fox unite,
when CNN-Universal shall bark replace with bite
when the World Wide Web turns spider, our conscienceness cocoons,
what independent rider will star in free cartoons  ?

When baby bells in orbit return to A.T.T.
with cable tame enabled, to frame posterity,
minority reporting may follow Murphy’s law,
with sensor networks nimble to even out each score. 

When the Internet's extended, new protocols deployed,
when chips disease have (m)ended, when weak and unemployed
seek in life-long education an answer to their ills
we'll be traced from birth to cremation, from cradle to codicils.

When peer to peer is stifled by music industry,
when copyright laws have rifled favorite Mpeg3,
When public domain's restricted, when 4G is in place,
then what will remain will be guzzled by Carnivore - just in case   !

When privacy is threatened through fears of terror tract,
security a catchword twists fiction into fact,
when contacts are by contract logged upon a list,
then what will act as buffer to soothe the iron fist    ? 

When technologies emergent, which now all end in ‘O’  -
nano and bio convergent, and mobile radio,-
with Radio Frequency ID add to CCTV
what will remain beside me, and you, who once felt free ?

When search engines are perfected, to sort and then distort,
when their power is directed to trace each packet thought,
with 'Quality of Service' secure from 'End to End',
then who'll believe in 'Glocal'  ? who will the poor defend  ?

When VoIP advances, though very cheap or free,
what will be our chances as criminality
cyber or more may threaten our purse, or, worse, our sleep,
for appetites will whetten to hack, or phish, or peep ?

When DoD and SAIC have trussed what we entrust
when politics Messaic steer IP.6 robust,
when some election voting is biased in advance
what will be left to quoting, what will be left to 'Chance' ?


When sensor networks subtle extend from land to land,
the satellite surveillance may then get out of hand,
pervasive networks nimble may influence each thought
no need to know we’re caught in web which ‘free will’ has sold short.

When point to point relations to ubiquity
are changed throughout the nations the networks then may be
to say the least pervasive as “1984”,
or, even more, invasive – ‘O Brave New World’ in store.


Publicity may praise us, avatars may blame,
Parliament still sitting, - Rump to Commission tame,
when freedom's light will falter we'll steer consumptive star,
who’ll care once fair we’d dare think far upon a falling star ?


July 22 2001 & 6 March 2006


Notes :

Carnivore : Former DoD superfilter of Internet content.  Carnivore no longer functions and may have mainly served to polarize attention away from other ways of processing online information IMHO.
CCTV  Closed Circuit Television
Click and Mortar : the union of online (click) and traditional business with concrete existence
DoD : Department of Defense United States

End to End Internat packet delivery integrity
Glocal : Mix of Global and Local
ICT  : Informaton and Communication Technolgies
IMHO : In My Humble Opinion  like AFAIC As Far As I am Concerned
ISOC :  Internet Society http://www.isoc.org  which inter alia serves as the legal umbrella for the IETF Internet Engineering Tast Force which is basically creates the standards and protocols of the Internet http://www.ietf.org
ISOC through PIR is now responsible for .org TLD or Top Level Domain.
IP.6 or more correctly IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6  http://www.ipv6tf.org
is to the current Internet infrastructure considerably more than what yesterday’s hamlet was to today’s megapolis of > 10 million people
Quality of Service (QoS) network capability to sustainably provide better service to selected network traffic over various technologies

Phishing :  Individual identity highjacking for spam or for direct crime

RFID  Radio Frequency IDentification :
for corporate view see RFID Journal
http://www.rfidjournal.com/faq/16/49 http://www.rfidjournal.com/faq/16/48
for EPIC’s views see :

IMHO the question is far more complicated than it appears
ROBUST :  Reliable and infinitely scaleable
SAIC :  http://www.saic.com

VoIP :  V(o)ice over Internet Protocol – free or cheap counterpart to traditional fixed telephone.

Freedom is in Peril


(After Rudyard Kipling)


 “ We are fighting the battle of freedom in the world against great odds.  Do not add to these odds by deeds which cast a doubt on the sincerity of our aims.”  Lloyd George, March 24th, 1942.


When the last newspaper is printed and the ink is faded and dried,

And the oldest critic is muzzled and the youngest croaker has died,

We shall pass to a tranquil era of government by decree,

When every voice shall be silenced but the voice of the B.B.C.


We shall hearken to Government spokesmen, we shall listen to Government news,                         

And no one will doubt or question,and none shall express their views  

And only the good shall be favoured, and only the killjoy shall fall,

And the murmur of opposition will never be heard at all.


And only the Leader shall praise us, and only the leader shall blame,

And Parliament will be sitting, but Parliament will be tame,

And the star of freedom will vanish; we shall steer by the Fascist star,

And no one will then remember the sort of people we are.


Targets “ Sagittarius ”1942

Olga Katzin Miller




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