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ICDRI has been existence since the summer of 1998.  Our web site has been on the Internet since November of 1998.  During that time many people and organizations have helped us and have given us assistance and support in various ways.  We would like to say thank you and to make the rest of the world aware of this support.  This page is continually be added to and modified so what is not here today, most likely will be here soon.


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Dining Bib Logo - men's formal Bib with Bow tie

Dining Bibs

We have worked to help the Dining Bibs get their web site up and running and have worked them on an ongoing basis since 2000.
EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information Logo


Through our association with EASI the Center has gained a much greater understanding of the issues involved in making online education accessible to the largest audience possible.


Florida ADA Working Group Logo

Florida ADA Working Group

The Center has worked with the Florida ADAWG on several projects including the last ADA convention in Florida and the coming ADA convention in November of this year.


Freedombox Logo


FreedomBox and its developers have shown the Center some of the most innovative methods for making the web accessible to people with disabilities.  They have also demonstrated some of the most salient business reasons there are for making everything accessible to people with disabilities.


HiSoftware Logo and Link to main page of Web Site


HiSoftware is an innovative and fast moving organization with outstanding products.  They continue to progress with many new products and our collaboration with them on the Cynthia Says™ Portal has been a highly positive experience for everyone involved.


Logo: IDEAL Group -  Black and gray striped diamond with the white letters IGI.


The IDEAL Group and its founder Steve Jacobs have helped the Center in a large number of ways.  The IDEAL Group maintains one of the best calendars on disability events on the web. 


The Internet Society LOGO


For many years the Internet Society has shown great support for Internet related disability issues. 


Macromedia Logo with Link to Macromedia site


Macromedia has helped the Center in countless ways, supplying software, support and providing new and innovative accessibility techniques to the web community.


Metropolitan Center for Independant Living


The Metropolitan Center for Independent Living has been very helpful to our staff in understanding various issues involved with Independent Living Centers.


Sidar Foundation Logo with Link to the SIDAR site

SIDAR Foundation

The Sidar Foundation has been instrumental in the Center being able to present Hispanic Disability resources on the web site as well as gain a good understanding of these issues.


Signtel Logo


Signtel has helped us enormously to understand the technical issues involved with voice input as well as letting us work with them on demonstrating their innovative product, the Signtel Interpreter.  They have also helped the Center in many basic ways and are to a great deal responsible for our getting a running start in several areas.


SSB Technologies Home

SSB Technologies

Our association with SSB Technologies has helped us to understand the use and issues involved with automated web assessment tools.


WiredPatrol, your one-stop solution for anything that you need help with online

Wired Patrol

Wired Patrol and Parry Aftab, its director has been invaluable in understanding various issues involved with online safety.  These issues apply to us all, but Parry and her folks have taken special care to work with us on these issues as they apply to people with disabilities.  .


Pauline Diego Aguilar As one of the founders of ICDRI and a continuing supporter, Pauline was the driving force behind the API, Elder, and Veterans  resource collections.  She continues to support the Center in these and other vital areas.
John Richardson John has continued to support the Center on web design and other issues.
Robert Yonaitis Robert has helped the Center in may areas and helped us to understand the use of Automated assessment and repair tools.  He has been of great help to our web master and provided us with critical support in several areas.


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