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by Lee Pelley



I taught Land Management for years at the State University of New York, as a four-credit college course.

--I've lived around much of the USA, always headed for here.

--I've seen much that you'll never see, because everything is changing


--There are two things you lack in your teens, and sorely feel the need of:  Experience and perspective.  Perspective is rarely offered in modern education.

--I will try to offer you perspective.  PRACTICALITY

It is difficult for some people to perceive the difference between Land Management and Landscaping.  The first (and simplest) way to separate these two subjects is size:  Landscaping is normally done in relation to a small piece of land, most commonly a yard.  Landscaping is focused on pleasing the human eye;  only sometimes does this relate to function, such as in the concept of edible landscaping.  Landscaping often includes small wildlife, such as birds at a feeder, fish in a pool, a few domestic pets.  The bulk of domestic- and wild-animals are kept separated from such work.  Landscaping is always small-scale. 

Land Management is first distinguished by its size.  The second delineation is by the land's use.  Land Management nearly always involves the beautification of land, but its primary focus is functionality;  the resulting beauty is an aside.  Land Management nearly always involves Animal Management, and always in large groups, such as cows, horses, sheep.  It also invariably includes a great deal of wildlife, also in large groups, on a scale represented more by territory than by feeders.  Land Management always involves Water Management, often Forest and Field Management, but again, always on a large-scale.


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