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The Understanding Accessibility (Covering WCAG Priority 1 and Section 508 US) book by HiSoftware 

(Translated - Spanish) "Draft format"

Comprendiendo la Accesibilidad

Una Guía para Lograr la Conformidad

en Sitios Web e Intranets



The Understanding Accessibility (Covering WCAG Priority 1 and Section 508 US) book by HiSoftware (Translated - Spanish) is now out in "Draft format" on their website. It will soon be available in PDF, .LIT, Print Ready for those who want to mass produce, much like the English version was used for. This is a draft of the translation because of the format. Remember in some of the Example Sections Images Do not have alt text to demonstrate using alternative text, etc.... The Current Draft of the translation is very simple HTML. For review purposes.


HiSoftware would appreciate any feedback as they formalize the production of this version. The Complete book in HTML format can currently be found at: http://www.hisoftware.com/uaes/uaccess-es.htm

Kynn Bartlett's New Book
A terrific book on Cascading Style Sheets by one of the leading experts in the field....

Accessible Technology in Today's Business

Constructing Accessible Web Sites
This is the most complete book ever published on the subject!... Plus some others books that will help you build exciting accessible sites!...

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