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Florida Deep Sea Fishing Trip



From David Sullivan

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been trying to line up a deep sea fishing trip for people with disabilities.  I just got a call from Captain Jim in Destin on the New Florida Girl.  Jim says that the rear hatch of the New Florida Girl’s cabin has been made accessible now, and I am told the restrooms are wheelchair accessible as much as they were able to get them. We will attempt to reserve the whole boat and bottom fish for red snapper and other species.  The shelf drops off at 22 miles out from Destin so they don't necessarily have to go as far to get to bigger fish.  Captain Jim and the New Florida Girl have put us on a lot of fish in the past, and they are really nice folks.

 There is a Motel 6 almost right across the street from the boat.  A 10-hour trip will be $60.00 each if we get 50 people. That cost covers the gratuity for the deckhands, fish cleaning and all but your food.  We will be allowed to carry our own food (coolers) on board, but NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.  Each disabled participant can bring at least one or more able-bodied friend or family member with them (please check with me before you plan on bringing more than one AB person). 

 If you would like to attend please let me know as soon as possible.  You will need to send a $30.00 per person deposit to secure the boat.  We have it reserved for April 27th, 2002.  Snapper season does not come in until April 21st, and this is the Saturday after that date.  The $30.00 will be non-refundable unless the trip is called off.  If you are a rider and not going to fish at all, the cost is $15.00. 

Form more information contact:

William Davis
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